Super Mario Bros. Crossover Game Skins

A list of game skins in Super Mario Bros. Crossover and templates

  1. Jay

    Map Skin

    The graphics on the map skin do not change between levels, although they can change colors or be hidden.
    • Note also that this sheet contains both 8-bit and 16-bit elements because it is a template designed to show all available objects and tiles on the map sheet, some of which are only present in 8-bit or 16-bit SMB
    Some notes on the map skin:
    • The castles can be set to not stack when displaying the large castle, so the large castle can be a separate image entirely if you'd like
    • The orange flag flies on the large castle in X-4 levels (note that this is currently not implemented)
    • The darker blue water has sixteen frames of animation
      • You can use fewer frames if you'd like, but they should cycle properly (for example, you could use four sets of 4-frame animations)
    • The pressed switch should be left blank if you're not using a switch (for example, the axe for SMB1 leaves nothing behind when it's grabbed)
    • The broken bricks underneath the normal bricks are for disintegrating blocks rather than shattering blocks (note that this feature is not yet in the game)
    • The crumbling bridge is optional and should be left blank when not being used
    • The items on the right are from Super Mario Bros. Special
      • Hudson Bee: Awards 8,000 points
      • Wing: Enables "water mode" for a limited time
      • Hammer: Character swings a hammer in front of them, killing enemies
        • The sprite for the swinging hammer is below the pipes
      • Clock: Adds 100 to the timer
      • Lucky Star: Kills all enemies on the screen


    Themes are part of the map skin. Each theme represents a different area. A map skin can have any number of themes, and they can be set to any level. The bottom image shows an individual theme with some guides to help you to understand how it's laid out.
    • The two pieces of the tree trunks are for the bottom piece and a middle piece. This is used for tall trees.

    Enemy Skin

    • There are three different Cheep Cheeps
      • The tops ones move faster
      • The middle ones move slower
      • The bottom ones are the flying ones from 2-3 and 7-3 (and briefly in 8-4)
    • The puff of smoke under the Bullet Bills is optional
    • The fire trail under the Podoboos is optional
    • Bowser's fire breath can be either two or three frames of animation
      • The fire trail for Bowser's fire is optional
    • The sparks in the lower right of the sheet are used for when Koopa shells hit objects
      • The sparks are optional
    • The enemies along the bottom are from Super Mario Bros. Special
      • Sidestepper: Walks until it hits a wall or another enemy and then changes direction, and if damaged enough it speeds up and chases the character
      • Fighter Fly: Jumps around and changes its direction based on the character's location. The first frame is when it has landed, the second and third are when it is in the air
      • Fire: Moves around randomly
      • Barrel: Moves along the ground until it hits a wall or another enemy and then changes direction
      • Icicle: Falls from the ceiling when a character gets close

    Interface Skin

    • The letters on the left are used in the menus
      • These letters need to have 1 pixel of space surrounding them (an outline or a shadow can touch the purple edges, though)
    • The letters on the right are used in the HUD
    • The green boxes are for selecting a character to revive/power-up in Survival mode
    • The brown/orange boxes are for selecting a character to play as
    • The '?' box is for selecting a random character
    • The box above the '?' box is the outline for characters on the character select menu
    • The box to the right of the '?' box is the outline used for the portrait on the HUD
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