Super Mario Bros. Crossover Luigi

Luigi, from Super Mario Bros., is a playable character in Super Mario Bros. Crossover.

  1. Jay
    Luigi is from Super Mario Bros. for the Nintendo Entertainment System. He was added to Super Mario Bros. Crossover in version 2.0.

    Gameplay Notes

    Luigi controls the same as Mario, but he slides around more and jumps higher. His gameplay is based on Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels.


    Click on an image below to view the sprite sheet for that skin.

    NameOriginSpecial Effects
    [​IMG]LuigiSuper Mario Bros. DeluxeNone
    [​IMG]LuigiSuper Mario All-Stars (SMB)None
    [​IMG]LuigiSuper Mario Bros. 2None
    [​IMG]LuigiSuper Mario All-Stars (SMB2)None
    [​IMG]LuigiSuper Mario Bros. 3None
    [​IMG]LuigiSuper Mario All-Stars (SMB3)None
    [​IMG]LuigiSuper Mario WorldNone
    [​IMG]LuigiSuper Mario Land 2: 6 Golden CoinsNone
    [​IMG]Space LuigiSuper Mario Land 2: 6 Golden CoinsNone
    [​IMG]LuigiSuper Mario Bros.None
    [​IMG]Modern LuigiSuper Mario 3D WorldNone
    [​IMG]LuigiSuper Mario Bros. SpecialNone
    [​IMG]LuigiAtari 2600None
    [​IMG]Princess ToadstoolSuper Mario Bros. 2None
    [​IMG]Princess ToadstoolSuper Mario All-Stars (SMB2)None

    Sprite Sheet

    Luigi's sprite sheet uses the same layout as Mario's sprite sheet.
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