News SMBC Unity Port Canceled

Super Retro Squad will have too many features to run on the SMBC engine, so the port is canceled.

  1. Jay
    Our plans have changed quite a bit over the last few months. Originally, Super Retro Squad was going to be a series of small games based on classic Nintendo games. These games were going to run on the Super Mario Bros. Crossover (SMBC) engine. Due to the success of the Kickstarter, we decided to just make one big Super Retro Squad game. This game will have too many new features to run on the SMBC engine. Because of that, porting SMBC to Unity would be a waste of time.

    Porting the game to Unity would only have one advantage: gamepad support. We already have workarounds for that though. Previously, Flash couldn’t offer fullscreen support, but it should now be possible because of a recent update. The Unity version also has a major disadvantage; it would not be able to support emulated music. There was a C# port of Game Music Emu in the works, but it hasn’t been finished, and even if it was, it would not support as many consoles as the C++ version. Adobe should be releasing their improved version of Alchemy soon, which means the video game music emulation in Flash should run much faster.

    I’ll still do a few updates to the flash version. We’ll definitely add more skins, and I’ll probably try and add more levels too. I don’t think we’ll be able to add multiplayer though because it will be too much work. I apologize for saying we would do it. But basically, Super Retro Squad will be a super powered version of SMBC, so everything that you’re not getting in SMBC, you’ll get in SRS.

    Since Exploding Rabbit is growing, I don’t think we’ll be able to get away with working on illegal fan games like SMBC for much longer. I think it is in our best interest to work on products that are legal and that we can sell. If we were to continue working on SMBC or other fan games, ER would never get any bigger. I hope people understand that although we won’t really be making any more fan games, we’re still trying to put the spirit of those games into our original games. You’ll still get the same entertainment, but it will be in a different form.

    Once again, sorry for the bad news, but I assure you that we’ll make up for it when we release Super Retro Squad. We’ve been making lots of plans to get everyone to a single location so we can work together in person. It looks like development will be starting in early October, so expect more news around that time.
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