Super Mario Bros. Crossover SOPHIA III

SOPHIA III, from Blaster Master, is a playable character in Super Mario Bros. Crossover.

  1. Jay

    Gameplay Notes

    Coming soon...


    Click on an image below to see the sprite sheet for that skin.

    NameOriginSpecial Effects
    [​IMG]SOPHIA IIIBlaster MasterNone
    [​IMG]SOPHIA III (16-bit)Blaster MasterNone
    [​IMG]SOPHIA III (16-bit alternate)Blaster MasterNone
    [​IMG]SOPHIA IIIBlaster Master: Enemy BelowNone
    [​IMG]SOPHIA IIISharp X1None
    [​IMG]SOPHIA IIIAtari 2600None
    [​IMG]SOPHIA J7Blaster Master: Blasting AgainNone
    [​IMG]SOPHIA J7 (16-bit)Blaster Master: Blasting AgainNone
    [​IMG]SOPHIA J7Blaster Master: Blasting AgainNone
    [​IMG]TetriminoTetris & Dr. MarioNone
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