Outdated Super Mario Bros. Crossover 1.2

Play version 1.2 of Super Mario Bros. Crossover, which introduced SOPHIA III as a playable character.

  1. Jay

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  1. JoMamma
    This was always my favorite version of SMBC. I remember being so hyped back then, what with SOPHIA III being confirmed, as that was the same tank from the first game I've ever played. Really put a huge smile on my face that I wasn't the only one who remembered Blaster Master! Mega Man's overworld being the title theme from 3, Bill not dying in one hit and being satisfyingly overpowered, characters having a simple weapon system that's easy to get around, and the ability to play soundtracks of other characcters makes it more appealing than the current version, in my opinion. It's the little things that really give 1.2 a certain charm.
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