News Super Mario Bros. Crossover 2.1 Released

This update for SMBC includes new skins and faster music emulation.

  1. Jay
    It’s been about 10 months since I’ve released an update for Super Mario Bros. Crossover, but that doesn’t mean it’s dead. Now that I have help, it’s possible to keep this game alive while still working on other projects like Super Retro Squad.

    This update ended up being bigger than I thought it would. I was planning on just having a few new skins, but I was never quite happy with the upgrade system from the last update, so I revamped it a bit. Adobe also finally released Flascc, so I implemented that and it improved music emulation speed by about 4.5 times. The game still doesn’t run as smoothly as I would like, but optimizing it further would require a huge amount of time and this project is no longer my top priority. A few of the character skins have also been customized to play differently than the original, like Quick Man and Pit.

    I really like all the new skin sets, but there are also a lot of new character skins. Some of my personal favorites are Quick Man for Bass (fastest walk speed in the game), Old Man for Link, the Super Mario World skins for Mario and Luigi (added extra sprites for them), Shadow for Ryu (awesome music), Pit for Samus (modified to play more like Pit), Whip Skeleton for Simon, and Tetrimono for SOPHIA. I personally never thought I’d be playing Super Mario Bros. as a block from Tetris, but I’m happy to be doing it.

    Thanks to Blaine (sbq92) and Zach (Ryuza) for their help with the update. Blaine did a huge amount of work on it and it probably never would have come out if it weren’t for him. Having a team makes me happy. As always, I’m sure some new bugs have appeared, so please report them and I’ll be fixing them over the next few days.

    Anyway, Happy Holidays! Now go play the update or see a full list of changes.
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