16-bit Super Mario Bros Crossover

Discussion in 'Skins' started by Mariofan5000, May 14, 2011.

  1. Mariofan5000

    Mariofan5000 Level 6: Lakitu

    Here are my skins.

    Bonus: LUIGI!!!!!!!!!
  2. Faruga

    Faruga Level 12: Super Mod

    These are the properly embedded images.
    I made one of those...
    But it was still indexed.
    However, you used the SMBDX palette, which, in my opinion, is a better one.
  3. Mitewing

    Mitewing Level 9: Spike Top

    Now all we need are the 16 bit skins of the other player characters.
  4. Sergy92

    Sergy92 Level 7: Bloober

    For Megaman we can use his sprites from Megaman: The Wily Wars. It's a 16-bit remake of the 3 first Megaman games for the Genesis.
  5. Mitewing

    Mitewing Level 9: Spike Top

    I forgot about that game. I was gonna suggest MM 7 or MM & Bass.

    For the others:
    Bill: Contra 3
    Link: A Link to the Past
    Ryu: Ninja Gaiden Trilogy
    Simon: Super Castlevania IV
    Samus: Metroid: Zero Mission (Super Metroid sprites are too big)
    SOPHIA III: Blaster Master 2 for Genesis
  6. mitsymckenzie777

    mitsymckenzie777 Level 6: Lakitu

    Mega Man: The Wily Wars would be awesome for 16 bit sprites just overall. Though I posted this game in a thread. I over all forget which one and someone made a point I was kind of aware of the music sucked especially Bubble Mans of which was nothing like I imagined it it sounded like a cheap horror theme overall. I always imaged it to be more majestic somewhat a cross between peaceful and exciting at the same time. So please Jay if your reading these requests I'd like to see the Genesis Mega Man sprites used but please don't add the music too.

    Also Mitewing have you always known about Blaster Master 2 or did you see it in my post in another thread. LOL!

    As for Samus though. The Super Metroid sprites could always be shrunk if Simon's Super Castlevania IV sprites are used they would have to be shrunk as well. Plus unless Jay insists on keeping Samus and her armorless sprites in the same character or skin though which I honestly would rather see them separate. I'd say that the Zero Mission sprites may be better only in the case that the Zero Suit could be used for her starting sprites.
  7. Mitewing

    Mitewing Level 9: Spike Top

    I thought the Simon sprites were smaller than the Super Metroid sprites.
    I do remember the earlier post but I already knew about the Blaster Master sequel beforehand.

    Someone posted a 16 bit pic. They should post it again.
  8. Scorpion42

    Scorpion42 Level 6: Lakitu

  9. Mitewing

    Mitewing Level 9: Spike Top

  10. Scorpion42

    Scorpion42 Level 6: Lakitu

    I believe they're twice as big as the original's sprites.
  11. Mitewing

    Mitewing Level 9: Spike Top

    I heard there was a remake of the original on WiiWare but I don't know if it's 16 bit or not.
  12. Scorpion42

    Scorpion42 Level 6: Lakitu

    It's 3D.
  13. ExplodingDog

    ExplodingDog Level 2: Koopa

    But remember in order to do this you gotta wait till the skinning option comes in for Super Mario Crossover :3
  14. Captain Knight

    Captain Knight Level 6: Lakitu

    Lulz, thanks for the sad reminder, but welcome! If you plan on being active, post a thread in the "New Peeps" section, and make sure to check out this page -----> http://www.explodingrabbit.com/forum/wiki/info-for-newcomers/
  15. ExplodingDog

    ExplodingDog Level 2: Koopa

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