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Discussion in 'Game' started by Laser, Jun 2, 2010.

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    Alright, so I've done some experimenting and I've figured out a really simple way for you to have any save file you want. Let's say you've beaten the game already, but want to start on level 5-1 with every character having full power ups and have 99 lives, just to mess around and have fun. Well, with this guide all of that and more will be possible!

    The first thing I recommend you do is take a preexisting save file and edit it. This will minimize your chance of messing up and frankly I find it easier. I have made a mathematical expression for you to substitute values into to get the save file you want. So you better get specific.

    W=World you want (any number 1-8)
    S=Stage of that world (1-4)
    B=Power ups for Bill (0=no power up, 1=Mushroom, 2=Fire flower, same for everyone else)
    L=Power ups for link
    Ma=Power ups for Mario
    Me=Power up for Megaman
    Sa=Power ups for Samus
    Si=Power ups for Simon
    T=Tutorials on or off(1=on, 0=off)


    The remaining 8 numbers that I didn't specify are the buttons for your controls. Since you can just change your controls in the pause menu (or copy and paste them from a save file with the controls you like) I didn't bother to figure out every possible button you can make the controls.

    Incase this has been a little bit confusing, I'll make an example file right here. I'll start on level 6-2 with 24 lives,48 coins, a score of 100000, and give everyone max power-ups except Mario. And I'll turn tutorials off.


    and by simplifying your final product and GETTING RID OF PARENTHESIS AND OR SPACES you'll get this code which you'll put into a text document.


    And it's as simple as that. There are some interesting things that happen when you put in values you couldn't normally achieve. For instance "zombie" characters as I call them are when you put the power up value for a character at less than 32, which is normally the lowest it goes. They have some very interesting abilities and properties but I'll let you experiment with that. Well enjoy!
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    Cheater :x
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    The simplest way to have any save file you want would be to just visit the link in my signature. I've fully documented the specification immediately after SMBC was released, including the controls, which follow a defined API. It doesn't require endlessly experimenting with arbitrary keys mapped to arbitrary numbers.
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    That's cool.

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