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    Bill2 and Jason2 released the bullets. The room was officially a war-zone. The team ducked behind empty cells to avoid death.

    The bullets hit the Guard, knocking him to the wall, multiple holes in him. "You....won't....win..." He groaned with his last dying breath, and then was silent. "Glad THAT'S over." said Mario, brushing himself off. "Okay" said Mario2. "Start explaining."

    And so Mario told the doubles of all the things that had happened since the day they came through the dimensional rift. "Intirging" said Simon2.
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    We need a Wiki page for this.
    I'll make a placeholder now and add the story when I've got more time.
    EDIT: DONE! Story will be updated when a new part comes out.
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    "Okay, so can someone explain to me why there are two of us?!" said Link. "Isn't it obvious?" said Mario. "You traveled across dimensions, meaning that there will be another of everything. Including you." finished Mario.

    "You think what I'm thinking?" Said Link to Link2. "Downward thrust off!" Link2 yelled. "NO!" said Mario and Mario2 in unison.

    "Okay guys, let's stop the small talk and save the princess!" said Bill, ready to use his gun. "While you were held here, did you learn anything about the layout?" asked Simon.

    "Not much," said Ryu2, " but from hearing the guard talk to Bowser, we know that the princess is being kept on the top floor."
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    Write a book after finishing this here.
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    Don't forget, it's on the Wiki.
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    The team headed through the castle as quietly as 14 people and a tank could, when a goomba, who looked like a captain, saw them. "Intruder alert!" He yelled into a communicator. "The prisoners have escaped!"He yelled again.

    they heard the slam of hundreds of feet rushing towards them. "You'll wish you hadn't done that when I'm done with you!" said Ryu1, already holding his sword at the guard's throat. "Wrong move!" He said firing a taser he pulled out at Ryu, but Ryu dodged it with ninja speed, and the blast hit the goomba soldier at the end of the hall, who had been rushing at them.
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    Weren't there doubles of each one?
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    Soon the tam came to a eight-way hallway. "Well, which way should we a-take?" said Mario2. "Well," answered Jason "I think it would be best if two of us went through each passage. That way we can cover the most ground."

    "Okay, then Lets-a-go!" Said Mario as he and Mario2 took the first passage, Jason and Jason2 took the second one,Simon and Simon2 took the third one,Ryu and Ryu2 took the fourth one, Link and Link2 took the fifth one, Samus and Samus2 took the sixth one, Bill and Bill2 took the seventh one, and Mega Man and Mega Man2 took the eighth one.

    For easy reference:

    Marios: Passage 1
    Jasons:passage 2
    Simons:passage 3
    Ryu:passage 4
    Samus':passage 6
    Bills:passage 7
    Mega Mans:passage 8

    Passage 1

    "So, where do you think this hallway even a-goes?" said Mario, seeing how bland and unmarked the hallway was. "Well, if I had to a-guess, I'd say this leads to one of the floors of the castle.Which one, no idea."

    5 minutes later...

    "Hey, have you a-noticed something seems a little....wrong?" said Mario2. "Yeah, it almost seems as though the floor is tilted downward..Hey, we must be a-going to a low level floor!" Replied Mario. "Should we turn a-back?" pondered Mario2. "Because, it's doubtful that Peach will is a-being kept on a low floor."

    "No, I think we should a-keep going. We need to check every inch of this place for Peach!"

    Passage 2

    "Hey, watch it!" said Jason as Jason2's tank bumped against him yet again."Well sorry, this hallway wasn't exactly built for two tanks to travel through!" Replied Jason2 agrily.

    "Well I would appreciate it if I could go 5 feet without you scratching the paint!" Jason nearly yelled. "Wait! I think someone's coming!"

    Passage 3

    "So what do you mean in the other dimension you didn't have your holy water?" said Simon2, suprised when Simon told him he didn't have holy water. "I don't know why. I had it when I went through the dimensional rift, I don't know why I didn't have it when I came out." He answered.

    "Well, tht doean't really make any-SEEEEEEEEENSE!" He yelled as the ground beneath their feet opened up, dropping them into the dark depths below.

    To be continued...
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    Uhh im not sure i like this story
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    Well, It's an written adaption of a video game. A Video Game is one of, it not the lowest form of storytelling there is, whilst text is one of the highest. Not just that, but the video game in question's story is infamously bland. And it's a tennis, it's written by several different authors.

    If you want to, you can always write your own and post it on the forum. Not in this thread though, make a seperate. This one's already occupied.
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    It's not meant to be a concept for a story mode.
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    How about storya art

    is it good?

    Any requests? Message me the details
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    Awesome pic! Keep them coming!
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    I decided im going to do my own story not to be a dick i just thought itd be fun
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    Awesome, go for it!
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    thats exactly what i said when i was reading this
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    Passage 4

    The two Ryu's walked down the corridor in silence, hoping it would help them to reach their destination faster if they were not burdened by conversations.

    As they too another step, the ground opened up into a pit, just like the one in passage 3.However, the Ryu's were quick enough to jump on the wall before falling in the pit.

    They looked at each other, and knew something important had to be down thi hallway.

    Passage 5

    "I would SO beat you in a downward thrust off!" said Link. "Are you kidding? I'd dominate you before you unsheathe your sword!" Argued Link2.

    As the floor opened up beneath them, they both yelled, glad they finally had a chance to do it, "DOWNWARD THRUST OFF!"

    Passage 6

    The Samus' soon came to a door, but it was locked. They could, however, hear through it.

    "What do you mean the prisoners escaped?!" Said a gruff voice.

    "Th-they were said to have been helped out of their cells b-by..themselves." Said a younger, intimidated voice.

    "WHAT?! Do you expect me to believe this?!I think I finally have sufficient grounds t have you fired from your summer internship!"

    "No! P-please sir, I-I have a wife and kids to provide for. I need this job!"

    "Then I suggest you start telling me what's actually happening instead of this-this blasphemy!"

    "Y-yes sir!" Said the younger voice. He could then be heard walking to the door. Samus1 and 2 exchanged a look of "What do we do?" before he could be heard turning the handle...
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