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Discussion in 'Game' started by blobzie, Jul 4, 2010.

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  1. Cheese

    Cheese Level 4: Buzzy Beetle

    I think the part that's bothering a lot of people is having to stop and use the Rush Coil every time you come to a medium-sized jump.
    Yes, jumping off of Rush is pretty much the highest jump in the game, BUT, you have to stop and summon a robot dog to do it.
    The people that don't like this change probably feel that it makes Megaman too much trouble to use, or feel like it breaks up the action too much.

    As much as I disagree with these people about how Megaman's jump should be changed, I think I understand why they don't like it.

    BURGERMAN Level 6: Lakitu

    I dont really see rush as much of an issue, he does his job, and he does it well enough. Besides I dont use Megaman as much as any of the other characters so it doesn't seem as so much of an issue to me.

  3. wow, do you take everything you read for face value? did you not even get the point that I was making fun of all those people complaining about mega mans jump, but doing it in a way that wasn't rude and hurtful?
  4. StriderVM

    StriderVM Level 0: Newbie

    There's Simon Belmont for that. But a lot of beginner players think he sucks, so they don't play as him. :(

    On topic though, it's more accurate to the Megaman games, so I agree with the change. My first impression when playing Megaman in version 1 was why is his jump so freaking high? But I just ignored since Simon can double jump anyway...... =/
  5. wiirdo

    wiirdo Level 1: Goomba

  6. J Squared

    J Squared Level 7: Bloober

    Hey kyoo, I know what you're going through. Let me tell you about how I jumped over some enemies with Mega Man and died. So yeah, uh... that's pretty much the story. It's not my fault at all and has nothing to do with my lack of planning, foresight, or timing! It's obviously because Jay made Mega Man's jump suck. This game is such trash and Jay Pavlina doesn't know how to code! Clearly the way Jay should make Mega Man jump is to infinity and beyond. You just press the button and his sprite grows wings and flies to the sun so you just glide over everything. I know this isn't how the Mega Man series did it, but who cares? Screw fidelity, my way or the highway! It would improve his jump and the game. I mean, Mega Man is pretty crippled when he can't just spring over everything like a human trampoline. Oh, and there's the wait, too. I mean, I COULD HAVE called Rush in advance and jumped at the same time, but when I have to think ahead it's an obvious design flaw. All games should require immediate and thoughtless button mashing!

  7. Invertin

    Invertin Level 3: Paratroopa

    The biggest complaint I've seen is that Megaman has to stop to use rush... But he doesn't have to stop to use rush. You can press the rush button on the go. You have to plan ahead slightly, but not much more than you would to play Ryu, or even Mario.
  8. uglyrodent

    uglyrodent Level 9: Spike Top

    I like Mega Man's new jump cause it maximizes his attack. Mash the shoot button at the arc of his jump and you get three easy shots on aerial enemies, something very hard to do with 1.0. Nobody had mentioned this, so I though I ought to speak up for the...I dunno...two other people who actually care about this.

    I've got it. We can do just this by making Link's jumping reflect the newer (3d) games. Just think, he won't be able to jump without walking off an edge, and that jump wouldn't clear anything.

    I know this was said a while ago, but I love the mental image for some reason. :joy:

    BURGERMAN Level 6: Lakitu


    Hmmm... interesting but link is outshone by most of the other characters (not Mario of course) and by making his jump as it is in the 3D games would just ruin it for him. As for making Mega Man's jump seem better than it is I have to agree with StriderVM on this one, Simon fits the job just fine.

    TOGGLE TOGGLE TOGGLE! Does anyone actually use Simon's Classic or Hard jump?
  10. uglyrodent

    uglyrodent Level 9: Spike Top

    I was joking. It would be impossible to beat anything with Link like that.

    Simon's easy jump is godly, way better than anyone's in my opinion. I haven't used classic or hard, but it (classic) is on my list of hardest settings I will eventually beat the game with.

    BURGERMAN Level 6: Lakitu

    Oh sorry, it is kinda hard to tell sarcasm in text..... :p
    Meh I think Mega Man's jup is fine and I dont know why everyone has made such a big deal of it.
  12. dookiecheese

    dookiecheese Level 2: Koopa

    This was extremely challenging to do. It makes megman's jump look fine until you notice that It took 107 runs with 6 save files (4-1,4-2,8-1,8-2,8-3,8-4).
  13. Ganymede

    Ganymede Level 5: Spiny

    Well one thing to consider is that speedrun videos, unless one is VERY familiar with what one is up to, tend to take quite a few runs. Honestly, this video represents some pretty competent MM playing, with my only gripe being that whoever was playing didn't seem to pre-plan the Rush jumps too much. I would say that this is a pretty accurate depiction of what a player can do with Mega Man, given some time and skill, so thanks much for sharing it.
  14. c2456

    c2456 Level 6: Lakitu

    i can beat smbc in 15 minutes as megaman. :cool:
  15. berserkx33

    berserkx33 Level 3: Paratroopa

    I think he was not nerfed, he was accurated, and this is a lot of a difference, because version 1.0 he was not the "true megaman" but now, he is completely accurate and show how a real megaman would do in the smb universe. So stop complaining, it is what it was supposed to be from start, so it will be like this and end of argument.
  16. Kru5h

    Kru5h Level 2: Koopa

    Perfect argument!

    In fact, we should nerf Simon by taking away his double jump.

    Of course, nobody will be allowed to complain that the game is impossible because that's exactly how Simon would play, end of argument.
  17. dookiecheese

    dookiecheese Level 2: Koopa

    You really shouldn't say end of argument in a topic intended to discuss something people want to talk about. If you're done with the argument good for you, it's a little close minded to assume everyone else is--especially considering a number of people in this thread alone would like wall hanging to be added which is something that would be true to mega man games which is your gripe about the complaints in the first place.
  18. c2456

    c2456 Level 6: Lakitu

    i disagree i dont think they should take away simons double jump i think they should take away megamans rush coil.
  19. dookiecheese

    dookiecheese Level 2: Koopa

    How the hell would Simon even function with just one jump?
  20. uglyrodent

    uglyrodent Level 9: Spike Top

    He wouldn't. c2456 was saying that if the characters were accurate, they wouldn't work right. This completely ignores the fact that this rule only applies to Simon. Mega Man not only functions perfectly with his accurate jump, but is more powerful. The Rush Coil gives him more height, requires the minimum of foresight, and his normal jump (if you look back a bit I said this) makes his buster better.
    It always boils down to the games concept. How would this character work, if they were in the SMB universe? Mega Man would work in it by using the Rush Coil, seeing as he is now in a universe with obstacles built with higher jumpers in mind. He can still beat every level in the game, making him fit in with the game's concept. Simon would not function. He would die because the jumps required are to high for one of his jumps. The only two solutions are to remove Simon from the game, which nobody wants, or make the game better by making a small concession for one character. Mega Man's new jump does two things to improve the game. It makes him more accurate to the original, thus reflecting the game's idea. And it makes a character with unique gameplay. It's simply a different mechanic. You may as well say Ryu's wall climbing is a bad idea because it's a new mechanic unique to his character. I say, the more different each character is, the more it feels different to play each character, the more fun is had by not playing all characters who feel the same.
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