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Discussion in 'Game' started by blobzie, Jul 4, 2010.

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  1. are you asking to not die when you jump on a spiny where rush is? yes and while were at it lets add trampolines at the bottoms of the cliffs so when you accidentally fall because you miss judged the jump, you also don't die. also lets make it so every time you run into a goomba rainbows shoot out of them giving you 50 1up's and then all the enemies turn into flowers and sing to you while your going through they level they chant your name and support you destroying all the remaining badguys for you, the flowers would attack much like pikmin. and then 5 blue birds swoop down and pick you up and fly you up to a magical cloud space that is made entirely of 1up mushrooms and you get an eternal amount of 1up's and when the 1ups get absorbed into you, the empty space is replaced by smiley face that give you motivational chants cheering you on. and then they bring the flag pole to you and tell you to press jump and when you press jump. they slide the flag pole under you so that you always get 5000 points. and they fix it so you always end on a 6 so you get the extra 3k points with the fireworks, and make it so each fire work is also a 1up. ... but only all this when playing as megaman :D
  2. onpon4

    onpon4 Level -1: Banned


    What I suggested was nowhere near the amount of buff you're comparing it to. Rush coil is taller than most enemies, so it would only make sense that it should take priority anyways. As it is now, you can't even USE Rush when an enemy is in the way, which is the main annoyance I've noticed with Rush; you can't use it to get away from dangerous situations, which means if you get there, you're trapped, since a normal jump usually just won't do.
  3. uglyrodent

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    I'm...not convinced Kyoo was serious...
    Yeah, if only you could get away from said enemies...or even kill them with some sort of gun...
    Nah, I'm just messing with you. I think a big source of the complaints is the change to Rock's role (pun intended). In his world, he is the Robot Slaying Juggernaut, but in this game he's The Tactical One. But due to his games and version 1.0, people still try to play him as RS Juggernaut.
    I do agree with you though. It makes sense to give Rush priority. Not just cause he's taller but...I dunno...it just makes sense to me. Maybe that could be another toggle, Rush Priority, for the people who want the added challenge.
  4. it seems you understand me completely

    BURGERMAN Level 6: Lakitu

    What do you mean by "Rush Priority" I must say I dont quite understand the concept. And Kyoo, you really didn't help, you just confused me further.
  6. J Squared

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    Yeah, I agree with uglyrodent and I don't think kyoo was serious either.

    I have no opinion on Rush having priority. There are pros and cons to it. I feel the main pro is that it'd make Rush Coil more realistic since Rush is taller than enemies, and the main con is that it'd make clearing rows of enemies pretty easy.


    onpon4 was referring to which action should take priority when landing on an enemy and on Rush Coil at the same time. He / she feels that players should bounce off of Rush Coil, not the enemy.
  7. M___R___<--S____

    okay M is megaman R is Rush and S is a spiny walking to the left

    their saying when M jumps on R. and the spiny runs into megaman, he shouldn't die that Rush should absorb the attack so you don't die. I hope I cleared up the confusion.

    BURGERMAN Level 6: Lakitu

    Right...... It doesn't do that anyway? I dont play as Megaman much.........
    I appreciate the diagram though :D

  9. NO problem, i got the idea from old ASCII games I used to play as a little boy. where letters moved around the screen and #<--- those were bushes and the letters would stand for badguys like G might be a goblin... you had to use your imagination back in those days :D I liked that a lot more. I feel sad for those modern gamers. they were never forced to use their imaginations to enjoy a game. I feel most modern humans(not just gamers) in general have very weak imaginations. compared to people of the past, I blame it on our readily availible internet, that allows us to not think about anything. as all our answers are already solved for us. creative minds are becoming fewer and fewer... anyway,

    I just played megman 6, I love the rush jump on that game (rush jet, jet man megaman)

    but I also love the megaman 3 rush coil... although when playing with a keyboard, I can kind of understand why so many people complain about his jump. but then I remember Jay saying he didn't make this game for those playing on the keyboard. he made it for those using a game pad. and then all my complaints magicly drifted into the i don't care zone.
  10. onpon4

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    I realized that kyoo wasn't being serious, I just found his sarcasm to be completely inappropriate/unfitting. Kind of like if I was to say "hey, let's just sell our house, live in a cave, and not spend ANYTHING" to a guy saying he doesn't want to buy a PS3 because it costs too much.
  11. J Squared

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    You could always just laugh at yourself. Nobody is taking what kyoo said as a serious argument against the point you made. The same goes for uglyrodent, who posted the following:

    I think they're just trying to be silly, not malicious and inappropriate.

    If you feel strongly about it, I can delete the posts.
  12. yeah what he said. I wasn't trying to be mean. i was just trying to share my ... disagreance, in a non-abrasive format. one that doesn't offend, one that allows you to see through me and understand I'm not attacking you, I'm just saying I don't agree, and I think comedy is a nice medium to make people understand that I'm not serious. you know not trying to be rude or troll. just saying I don't agree with a smile on my face. so you can understand I don't agree. and still have a smile on your face
  13. onpon4

    onpon4 Level -1: Banned

    "Inappropriate" means it doesn't fit, not that I find it offensive. From dictionary.com, the definition of "appropriate":

    "Appropriate" is not synonymous or even related to the word "malicious", which is the adjective describing someone or something with malice, and the word "malicious" never once appears in my post. From dictionary.com again, the definition of "malice":

    kyoo's... ahem... "humor" was inappropriate because I wasn't suggesting anything ridiculous. Sorry, but I don't share this sense of "humor" (jokingly arguing against things you really have nothing against, using sarcasm). It's confusing and can easily cause misunderstandings while adding nothing to the discussion.
  14. c2456

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    megamans jump is way better in water 100 %
  15. J Squared

    J Squared Level 7: Bloober

    Whoa there, onpon — I didn't say "inappropriate" meant that you found it offensive, I didn't say that the word "appropriate" had anything to do with the word "malicious," and I didn't say the word "malicious" appeared in your post. What's with you and this pattern of taking stuff I write out of context to tear into a strawman I never actually said? It's seriously not appreciated and I really hope this doesn't continue. I said it wasn't malicious because my general policy and approach to the forums has been mostly to delete things that were malicious, which kyoo's post clearly wasn't. While I didn't feel I should delete kyoo's post, I offered to you the option to decide whether or not it should be deleted in an attempt to keep peace.

    I'm pretty confident I know what the words appropriate and malicious mean, and I don't appreciate the attitude and the condescending lesson. You probably don't want to go down that road again.

    I disagree that kyoo's post was inappropriate. Again, I offer to you the option to choose that it be deleted if you feel strongly about it. Otherwise, drop the issue. This discussion is more inappropriate than kyoo's post, because it is a derail that does not belong in this thread and that people didn't intend to read.

    EDIT: If anyone has anything else to say on the subject of kyoo's post or the discussion it spawned, please address it to either me or kyoo via PM and not continue this derail. Thanks.
  16. onpon4

    onpon4 Level -1: Banned


    An offer to DELETE a post implies that I might think that such an action is necessary. Besides that, let my quote you directly:

    This implies that I thought they were being "malicious and inappropriate". You are also not clear on what "it" means, and because your mention that they're not "malicious and inappropriate" in the previous sentence, the implication is that you were talking about my apparent belief that they're "malicious and inappropriate".

    And what exactly does this mean?

    If I wanted him to delete his post, that would be between me and kyoo, or you and kyoo, not between you and me. I'm offended that you are even making such an offer, and the idea that it would be necessary was the basis for my last post.
  17. wiirdo

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    Wow. Don't you think it's time to stop arguing about a funny post? Seriously.
  18. Leon

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    EDIT BY BOARD STAFF: Comment removed on the basis that it was inflammatory and could provoke a flame war from another forums member. I don't know if you were referring to onpon4 or kyoo, but regardless, these kinds of comments are not welcome here.
  19. J Squared

    J Squared Level 7: Bloober

    Don't do this. Period. I'm not going to ask twice.

    I made the offer to delete the post to keep peace because you clearly had a problem with the post.

    No, it positively does not mean that at all. You chose to interpolate that into what I said, claim I was saying it, and then treat my post with condescension. I was stating what I personally felt kyoo's intentions were. Me. I was talking about me. What I felt kyoo was trying to be. Not what you felt kyoo was trying to be. Nowhere in my post did I say "onpon4 thinks kyoo is being malicious." As is becoming common with you, you misrepresented what I was saying in order to make it look like I said something I didn't so you could argue with it. This behavior is not acceptable on the board and is frowned upon by myself, Ganymede, and Jay Pavlina. I am telling you that I did not say you thought this and you are still twisting my words out of context to say what you want them to say. Don't do this.

    No, not at all. This is you choosing to misread my post. I was not talking about you anywhere in the previous sentence, at all. "It" was in reference to your position. It was in reference to the quote to which I was responding. This is the context of it, which you took out of context to argue with my goodwill.

    This means that if you continue having this attitude and treating me with condescension when I attempt to make peace, there will be consequences appropriate to your disrespect of the rules I'm setting forth. You're already walking a pretty fine line with your "sighing," with your continuation of this derail instead of having PMed me, and with your continued misrepresentation of what I said after I clarified myself and after there was absolutely no question as to what I meant. This is really bordering on malice and is a pretty good example of something I mentioned in another thread — that people can be very rude without ever directly insulting someone.

    As an administrator of these forums, what posts do and don't stay on the forums are absolutely my concern. The dispute was between you and kyoo, and all disputes on the public forum are my concern. Since you like definitions, the very definition of moderator includes "someone who mediates disputes." You were the one who had a problem with the post, and so I gave you the power to decide whether it should or should not be deleted because I felt kyoo would not mind and that this was the best way to make peace in the situation at the time. I absolutely cannot see any reason why any of this should offend you, and almost anyone else in your situation would have been grateful I extended such an offer to them.

    I mentioned that "if you had anything else to say on the subject of kyoo's post or the discussion it spawned, [to] please address it to either me or kyoo via PM and not continue this derail." You did not do this. Do not make the excuse that you did not do this because that part of my post was an edit, because I made that edit in the same minute I posted and because you left your post up after having posted it.

    For your sake I'm going to close this thread in order to reduce whatever temptation you may have to continue behaving in the way you are. By doing this I am trying my best to deter a situation from arising in which I will have to bring down consequences, because I feel the loss incurred by locking the thread is worth the gain in not having to punish anyone. I don't want to punish anyone, and I would much rather have peace. To this end, let this issue die and do not bring it up again.

    Thread locked.
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