Request Add Fusion Suit Samus skin with significant gameplay differences

Discussion in 'Features' started by Mitewing, Oct 25, 2013.

  1. Mitewing

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    I have been doing research on Metroid games, and stumbled upon a great way to spice up Samus' gameplay. I recommend adding the Fusion Suit, preferably in 8bit, 16bit, and Handheld flavors. I'm basing these changes on actual Metroid Fusion gameplay. Here's how she'd play:

    Bombs: Blow up after 5 seconds instead of 3 seconds
    Morph Ball: Enable Spring Ball ability to allow for jumps while in ball form
    Wave Beam: No change
    Screw Attack: No change
    Ice Beam: Change to Plasma Beam to allow armor piercing
    Missiles: Change to Ice Missiles. Will freeze enemies, but no longer can pierce armor
    Varia Suit: Change to Gravity Suit. Allows easier mobility while underwater and negates Lost Levels winds

    I hope this would be considered, as well as any gameplay changes to skins that are accurate from its source.
  2. French rocks

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    Why the hell not, it seems interesting, but negating the winds would be a bit too op in my opinion.
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  3. Mitewing

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    Maybe so. But I thought it would be cool to have something that would make one immune to winds, since the only advantage having it would be while underwater and the suit is supposed to help changes with atmosphere and pressure.
  4. Mitewing

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  5. Mitewing

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    An update: The Plasma Beam can go through enemies, but not walls. This should be added , along with the armor piercing ability.

    Also, since there won't be Lost Levels winds, the Gravity Suit will only work underwater.

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