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Discussion in 'Skins' started by Ryuza, May 23, 2011.

  1. Stinkosar

    Stinkosar Level 3: Paratroopa

    Guys. Grant DaNasty from Castlevania III as a Ryu skin.

    Slash: Stab
    Shuriken: Throwing Knives
    Windmill: Axes

    It's even better because he can climb walls.
  2. aliceandsven

    aliceandsven Level 9: Spike Top

    It could work... Does he ever get a returning axe attack?
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  3. Stinkosar

    Stinkosar Level 3: Paratroopa

    I don't think so, but he does have axes, and I think a thrown axe has enough sprites to be a windmill shurkien.
    And it makes the most sense out of his weapons.

    [​IMG](ignore Nasty Grant at the bottom there)
  4. Jude

    Jude Level 1: Goomba

    Grant, Sypha, and Alucard would all be fun to play as, and probably not too difficult to put in considering the characters that already exist.

    I made Sypha since she moves the most like Simon, I didn't change the subweapons but spending a little more time would make a good skin, or a new character all together.

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  5. Protoman22

    Protoman22 Level 2: Koopa

    in terms of the costumes i'd like to ask how exactly are they selected? because i've played Mushroom Kingdom Fusion which also allows alternate skins, problem is if you put that skin and want to use the original character again you have to exit the game and get the original files again, yea that's pretty quick to do but it's a bit tedius and it would have been easier if there's seperate slots for skins for each character and you can just switch between them in the character select screen
  6. Ryuza

    Ryuza Level 6: Lakitu

    When you have a character selected you just hit the attack button and it'll swap between skins. :)
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  7. x3point14

    x3point14 Level 6: Lakitu

    well that.. is amazing! what about level skins?
  8. sbq92

    sbq92 Level 9: Spike Top

    So if you continually press the attack button, does it essentially cycle through all of the skins available?
  9. Ryuza

    Ryuza Level 6: Lakitu

    For that character, yeah. We set it up so its nice and simple, and it looks pretty cool. :)
  10. mitsymckenzie777

    mitsymckenzie777 Level 6: Lakitu

    I don't know I'd like to see them be they're own characters Grant could go on ceilings right and Alucard I think needs his bat form to be as cool as in Castlevania 3. Sypha might work but still the magic was too cool too.
  11. Protoman22

    Protoman22 Level 2: Koopa

    Ah, alright then. Now is there any word on how many skin slots each character will have?
  12. Jay

    Jay Level 13: ER Team

    As many as we want.
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