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Discussion in 'Characters' started by Jay, May 22, 2010.

  1. Jay

    Jay Level 13: ER Team

    Instead of just thinking of new characters to add in the game, I'd like to hear your ideas for modified versions of existing characters. With alternate versions, It's not as much work to add the characters, and they could also use the same music as the existing characters. Some examples are the Zelda 2 version of Link, or the Super Mario Bros 3 version of Mario. I'd like to hear if you have some other ideas. Maybe these alternate versions could be unlocked after you beat the game or something. Thanks.
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  2. UnknownFox

    UnknownFox Level 4: Buzzy Beetle

    New version of link would be cool or at least give a bit more of a challenge as the sword range is shorter. Personally any new character, even a copy in a way would be great. With the way and number of characters going you may have to actually make a mess load of mushrooms to support all these characters or end up going the path of a Super Smash Brothers selection screen. x]

    One idea, like for Bill, an alternate could be the other guy in red. (His brother or friend? im not sure) but with different power ups, like instead of the machine gun or so, he gets the lightning or plasma (doesnt go far unless you actually STOP shooting) then upgrades to the flame thrower?
  3. I wouldn't mind seeing a version of Simon with one of the other subweapons -- you could really tear some shit up with the Holy Cross, for example. :)

    If you need to differentiate them, make Alternate Simon into Trevor from CV3.
  4. jg hollowell

    jg hollowell Level 2: Koopa

    I am in full support of this idea.

    megaman has rush suits that he can use to yield a differential playstyle (I'm thinkin of red flysuit from VI)
    link's expandibility is a bit more linear; He won't get any directional advances but he might get the ability for bow or bomb. Simon could just make use of a different subweapon, which may be the place to start; If simon had a version for every subweapon, that would give people a hook to play through as him multiple times. I'm not too familiar with Contra but I'm assuming there's other weapons that could be employed....

    anyway this is a start. hope it helps.
  5. Crownjo

    Crownjo Level 7: Bloober

    Bill's alternate could be from Super C.

    Link from Zelda II would work like this.

    Green Base Form

    Blue Mushroom Form will give you his sword beam.

    Red Fire Flower will grant you his fire spell.

    Oh but wait. Link in Zelda II is a diffrent size from Zelda I Link...

    IMO I didn't like how Link turned out in this game. His jumps are too floaty. I would prefer the Zelda II form with the Zelda I form to be his. Just a person pref.
  6. berserkx33

    berserkx33 Level 3: Paratroopa

    WEEEELLLL, i have so many ideas that i can't even count.

    let's see. For me you only need to change the colors on their pallets and it will do the whole diference. No need for other sprites, only some few extra that i can make if you wish (I'm a Spriter).

    1 - Mario:

    ALT Mario 1: DK Style (Red and Blue Outfit, Blue and Red after Fire Flower): Make him locked jump OR unable to run, as both would be completely unfair for a character without any primary attack other than jumping. Fire flower gives him the Hammer.

    ALT Mario 2: SMB3 Style (Red and Black Outfit, Brown and Black after Fire Flower): Make him able hold shells, Fire Flower gives him tanuki leaf.

    ALT Mario 3: Luigi Style (Green and White Outfit, White and Green after Fire Flower): Give him more speed and a higher jump, but make him slide more while running, making him less acurate in terms of movimentation, and give him a straight fireball. (Mix of Lost Levels Luigi and Smash Bros Luigi)

    ALT Mario 4: Wario Style (Yellow and Purple Outfit, Green and Purple after Fire Flower): Make his run flip enemies but not kill, his jump do the same thing. He need to hold down while jumping to butt stomp'em. His Fire Flower make him breath fire. (Wario from Super Mario Land 3)

    ALT Mario 5: Enough Plumbers Style (Blue and Cyan Outfit, Yellow and Black after Fire Flower and Gray and Dark Gray while Steel): Mushroom creates a clone that move along with him following the same keyboard as the player, hold Special Button to stop him and move alone. Fire Flower kill the clone and give you the power to burn while still, and Special Button turn you into steel, making you able to brake blocks from up, but your jump is praticaly a step out of the floor.

    2 - Link:

    ALT Link 1: aLttP Style (Green and Pink whit NO POWER-UP, Blue and Orange whit Mushroom and Red and Yellow with Fire Flower): His sword spark turn into the spiraling one. His Special Button calls HookShot. Make him able to run. Whit Mushroom and Fire Flower you can charge your attack and make a spin attack.

    ALT Link 2: Four Sword Style (Green Brown, Red Brown, Blue Brown and Pink Brown, Change Brown to Yellow with Fire Flower): The Mushroom make link turn into 4 links, they follow your keyboard moviment whit a little delay, repating your actions. The Special button make then come with link one overlaping another, and another press make then separate. The Fire Flower make then sword spark.

    ALT Link 3: OoT Link (Green and Yellow with NO POWER-UP, Blue and Yellow with Mushroom and Red and Yellow for Fire Flower): Make him run, Special Button shoot arrows. Mushroom give him spincut and shoot fire arrows. Fire Flower give him sword spark and Light Arrow (Hooming Arrow).

    ALT Link 5: Legend of Princess Style (Green and White with NO POWER-UP, Red and Blue with Mushroom and Black and Dark Gray with Fire Flower): Mushroom gives Double Jump. Fire Flower gives Chiken Flight (Limited Flight). Special Button throws boomerang, but instead of stunning, it hit, pass throwgh and hit on the way back.

    ALT Link 6: 3D Dot Game Hero Style (Blue and Cyan with NO POWER-UP, Orange and Cyan with Mushroom and Red and Cyan with Fire Flower): Special Button plant bomb. Make him run. Mushroom gives Big Sword and Fire Flower make him lauch the blade of the sword if you attack running.

    Tomorrow i will post more, now is almost 6:00 o'clock on brazil and i must sleep.
  7. Crownjo

    Crownjo Level 7: Bloober

    berserkx33 I don't want to be rude. Your ideas are good but now you are just making it complicated.

    To be honest I think having alternate versions would be good and bad.

    I think Mr. Bunny should just concentrate on new characters first.
  8. Ganymede

    Ganymede Level 5: Spiny

    I would like to take this opportunity to remind you that "Mr. Bunny" made this particular board. It can therefor be assumed that he WANTS to hear this stuff. As far as making it too complicated, don't sweat it. This is a place where people can post the things they dream of doing in the next release, and Jay, of course, will try his best to accommodate. If what has been suggested is truly impossible or too complex, he will simply ignore it.

    Moral: No one's ideas should be censored. :)
  9. Groover

    Groover Level 5: Spiny

    Hare Krishna ^^

    What about special items in every level. Something like better speed or better jumps for 15 seconds. Or bonus time for 20 seconds. They can just appear everywhere on level and when you hit that point with special bonus you just gain it.
  10. Crownjo

    Crownjo Level 7: Bloober

    I agree with you to a certain point. However I try to give ideas while keeping the game simple. Overcomplicated ideas don't really help. Its not others suggest but please lets try our best! :)
  11. Jay

    Jay Level 13: ER Team

    Great answer Ganymede. I'm glad we made you a moderator. There's no need to worry about your ideas being wrong in some way. These forums exist for people to talk about whatever they want. And it's fun thinking of crazy ideas. Perhaps a crazy idea will spawn another idea that improves the game. You never know. So just have fun and don't worry about censoring yourself. Be creative! I'll make sure it's an awesome game no matter what.
  12. berserkx33

    berserkx33 Level 3: Paratroopa

    Thanks man, i'm made of brain storms, and i get completely nuts some times :joy: .

    But well, i only try to put anything that passes through my head into paper, because any idea is an idea, even the dumb ones :joy:.

    But talking business now: If you ever need extra sprites for any character, please tell me, i can make then in a breese, i was thinking about one to replace simon's climbing animation, if you wish i can make a new one. :mrgreen:

    I'm thinking some more ALT characters. Till Later :D
  13. KefkaX21

    KefkaX21 Level 3: Paratroopa

    Alt Versions hmm. Protoman for Megaman. Trevor belmont for simon. zelda2 link for link. Lance Bean, RD-008 or RC-011(The Euro Version of Contra called Probotector) for Bill Rizer. Wario, Jumpman, Or Luigi For Mario. Samus is Difficult since you already used the zero suit/justinbailey for the fireflower power up Maybe Pit Icarus Since They Are Somewhat Similar and Their Respective games are considered Sister seies.
  14. Jay

    Jay Level 13: ER Team

    Yeah Simon's climbing is ugly. Feel free to send me a better one. Use the contact form on my website when it's done. Thanks.
  15. Crownjo

    Crownjo Level 7: Bloober

    I did do a recolor for Luigi. That would be the best look for him I'd say.


  16. berserkx33

    berserkx33 Level 3: Paratroopa


    Bill Rizer:

    ALT Bill 1: Lance Style (Red , Orange and Yellow): Trade Machine Gun for Flamethrower (A shot that go in circles)and Spread for Laser.

    ALT Bill 2: Sunset Rider Style (Pink, Yellow and Green): Down+Jump make him roll. Mushroom give Rapid Fire and Fire Flower give Double Pistol.

    ALT Bill 3: Cyber Lip Style (Green, Blue and Red): Locked on 4 diretions, Special Button throw granades, Down+Jump make him roll, Mushroom give him FireGun (Fire Wave) and Fire Flower give him WideGun (He shot suscetivle into front, diag'UP and diag'DOWN).

    ALT Bill 4: Chelnov Style: (Gray Skin, Yellow, Orange and Green outfit): With NO POWER-UP shot a short range laser, with Mushroom shot medium range fireballs and Fire Flower shot long range rotating balls. He stay walking the whole time, you can only stop while crouching.

    ALT Bill 5: Metal Slug Style (Brown, Gray and Black): Wider shot but slower, his Mushroom give him the Shotgun (Short Range Wide Shot) and Fire Flower give him Flamethrower (Medium Range Fire Wave that fly horizontaly upward). Special Button make him throw Grenades in and ark.

    Simon Belmont:

    ALT Simon 1: Trevor Style (Orange, Blue and Red): Trade his Axe for the Cross Boomerang. Fire Flower give him Doppleganger, wish is a shadow that copy his movemints with a little delay.

    ALT Simon 2: Ritcher Style (Blue, Gray and White): Trade his Axe for the Holy Water. First the holy water is a tower of fire, second it come into a short wave and last into a long wave. Down+Jump do the backflip.

    ALT Simon 3: Super Simon Style (Green, Brown and Red): Trade his axe for the Knife. Make his whip go 8 directions. And if the player hold Attack, the whip will spin. If you hit an iron box with your whip, he will swing.

    ALT Simon 4: Morris Style (Brown, Red and Black): Trade his Axe for Blade Boomerang. His Fire Flower whip turn into linghtning whip. Make him be able to whip straight down while in the air and diagonaly up while on the floor. If you hit an iron box with your whip, he will swing.

    ALT Simon 5: 8 Eyes Style (Dark Red, Purple and Brown): Trade his Axe for Cutrus the Hawk and his whip for a sword. Cutrus is a hawk and work on an intelligence of her own, it will move around the screen diving over the enemies and causing damage. The upgrades make it faster and more ofencive. His sword is traded for a longer each upgrade.
  17. jg hollowell

    jg hollowell Level 2: Koopa

    okay, so this weekend i smoked and i spent about two hours contemplating games that had alternate versions of characters.

    Maybe what we should do as gamers is look at ourselves, what turns us on about alternate versions of characters? Is it just aesthetics of the outfit? Is it when the character loses how they play ENTIRELY and basically feel like a new character with a different moveset?

    I'm a fightan game player, I love the guilty gear series almost as much as I love steak. One of the main reasons is because Daisuke Ishiwatari (the creator) had a really simple pool to draw characters from, and the characters that came out were two balanced sides of a coin. If the character was more defensive, (Baiken, axl, anji, Potemkin) Then their ex forms would be a lot more offensive.

    The ONLY other thing that comes to mind, of having alternate versions of a character would HAVE to be megaman. We all had favorite weapons that we'd use to kill shit, because we earned them. Mine would be Knightmans from Megaman VI, next being Crashmans weapon. You earned alternate forms of a character AS you beat the game, so that was a huge reason for me to progress. I wanted to fill up that select screen of every extra form to earn.
  18. Crownjo

    Crownjo Level 7: Bloober

    I agree. Plus we should be realistic that not every character can have a alternate form. That is just overdoing it. I am not trying to shoot down people's ideas. I am just being realistic. I am playing the game just fine with no alternate versions of characters. Plus if you add too much then most characters will play the same.

    Why would I want alternate forms of a character? Sadly when I oppose a bad idea I am going to be shot to the ground. =\

    Thats's how I feel about the whole idea. Please don't see it as me being a grouch.
  19. jg hollowell

    jg hollowell Level 2: Koopa

    I think the concept of forums is for you to feel the freedom to say what you want to say. Restrictive communication leads to restrictive pathways in thinking;

    If you told me you wanted to fuck hitler in the ass while whistling canada's national anthem, I'd give about two flying squirrels nutsworth of fuck.

    To get back on track;

    I feel like I'm a player of super mario bros, and I use characters as I deem fit for a level, because I enjoy certain characters more on certain levels. It holds my attention by the same token, I always use megaman on 1-1, simon or link on 1-2, prep rizer on 1-3 and bill again on 1-4.

    Now, should we keep this feel? The alternate versions basically just acting as new characters? Or should we have free for all game, which is how we are now, and then a dedicated gameplay, where you can ONLY use link or megaman or something to get through the game, which would unlock stuff?
  20. Crownjo

    Crownjo Level 7: Bloober

    I don't mind your opinons or suggestions. I just don't really agree with them. However you decided to be immature and childish about it. So I won't debate at that.

    You are very right. in SMBC I do use characters as I deem fit for a level. Making alternate characters is basicly adding new characters. I think Mr Bunny should work on making "New" Characters first then maybe alternate versions as a side thing.

    I think alot of people want to see new characters the most.

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