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Discussion in 'Features' started by Narematto, Feb 21, 2012.

  1. Narematto

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    Here are some ideas that can improve mario crossover:

    Instead of putting the old one could put Super Mario Bros 2 and 3, here's their link:

    2 (NES):


    One blogger has already suggested this: we could put in the option samus classic, classic simon, great
    megaman break (because they do not look like cheats codes, so this increases the difficulty so they have to go there).

    We could add cheat codes:

    As a card that can say where the objects (like coins). (complete all game modes).

    Increase the intelligence of Bowser (when attacked remote it jumps to dodge instead of jumping like that, it is faster then the flames also

    (beat bowser 20 times without getting hit).

    Code by Simon (instead of the timer lasted some time it is at infinity we can stop when you want).
    Simon instead of doing the double jump, he can make it to the infinite.

    Which will be very well is that you could create your own levels.

    In the option, there are decorations desktop background (for computer), all the characters.

    I hope one of those ideas you have Plue.

    Good game and a +
  2. Rey D

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    I wonder why he gives his texts to a translation thing but not titles. .__.
    "amélioration" means "improvement"

    I'm going to fix a bit some mistakes or make stuffs understandable:
    ↑ I think this means put out "Classic" cheats from cheats and set them as option. However, I don't get what that thing about Mega Man means.
    ↑ He means we could have a cheat which displays a map.
    ↑ He means... increasing Bowser's AI. He could jump in order to avoid instead of jumping for no reason. However, I don't get what he says about flames.
    ↑ I wonder how he got "by". Anyway, he says that Simon's stopwatch could last as much as we want instead of a few seconds.
    And that Simon couled have infinite jumps instead of only 2.
    ↑ What would be very nice: Level editor.
    ↑ I think he's talking about having desktop backgrounds, but I'm not sure.
    ↑ Because he did a typo, the translator did not translate. He hopes you like one of these ideas.
    ↑ "a+" (=à plus) means "See ya".
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  3. Narematto

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    Je m'excuse je veux dire :

    Voici quelques idées qui peuvent améliorer mario crossover:

    Au lieu de mettre l'ancien on pourrait mettre super Mario bros 2 et 3, voici leur lien:

    2 (NES):


    Un blogueur a déjà suggéré ceci: nous pourrions mettre dans l'option samus classique, simon classique, grand
    saut de megaman (parce qu'ils ne ressemblent pas à des codes de triches , de sorte ceci augmente la difficulté donc ils doivent aller là-bas).

    Nous pourrions ajouter des codes de triches :

    Comme une carte qui peut dire où sont les objets (comme les pièces). (terminer tous les modes de jeux).

    Augmentation de l'intelligence de Bowser (quand on l'attaque à distance il saute pour esquiver au lieu de sauter comme ça, il est plus rapide donc les flammes aussi

    (battre 20 fois bowser sans se faire toucher).

    Code de Simon (le chronomètre au lieu de duré quelques temps il est à l'infini on peut l'arrêter quand on veut.
    Simon au lieu de faire des doubles saut, il peut en faire à l'infinie.
  4. Anon421

    Anon421 Guest

    Amélioration everywhere.

    Edit: I don't know what the fuck he's saying, but I love it. :D
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  5. Rey D

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    → French: Le grand saut n'est plus un cheat. Tu as pensé à jouer à la dernière version du jeu?

    English: The High Jump is not a cheat anymore. Did you think about playing the last version of the game?

    → French: "donc ils doivent aller là-bas" Oo Si tes phrases étaient plus ordonnées ça m'aiderait parce que là j'ai du mal à comprendre

    English: "So they must go there" Oo If your sentences were more ordered it'd help me because now I hardly understand.

    EDIT: Oh and about Bowser, he was saying that since Bowser would go faster (with his cheat idea), fireballs would go faster as well.

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