American Super Mario Bros 3 difficulty mode

Discussion in 'Features' started by Mitewing, Dec 13, 2015.

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    I had a similar post, but it was only for the Mario Bros. This idea is for all characters. It's essentially an alternate Easy Mode.

    In the American version of SMB3, and probably others, the Fire Flower and other powerups gave the Bros a maximum of 3 hit points. This mode will bring it back for all characters. The advantage would be an additional hitpoint, obviously. While the disadvantage would be having to get an additional powerup before getting weapons/items. Here's the breakdown of what the characters would collect for this third hitpoint.

    Mario/Luigi: Fire Flower
    Mega Man/Bass: Energy Tank
    Link: Heart Container
    Samus: Energy Tank
    Simon: Magic Crystal
    Ryu: Health Potion
    SOPHIA III: Power Capsule
    Bill: N/A (For Classic Mode, where he already has two hit points, this could be implemented by using a Medal. Besides, the Japanese version of Contra: Hard Corps had a 3 hit health system, so it's not without precedent.)

    Perhaps, to make it more balanced, the characters could get weaker attacks, but that's not really required if it's an Easy Mode.

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