An original NES game?

Discussion in 'Game' started by buddy90, May 25, 2010.

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    Hey, what's up?

    You know, I was thinking, after seeing the success of SMBC, I thought it would be a great idea if Exploding Rabbit made it's own NES-styled game. I think, following the success and reputation of SMBC, it could attract lots of people, and, it could be a project that can generate real money, if it was original.

    I understand if Exploding Rabbit doesn't have experience in pixel art, but I'm sure if he advertised it well enough, he could find some good artists.

    *cough* Not a veiled self-promotion *cough*

    Just my 2 cents
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  3. Jay

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    There are a few other NES like games I'd like to make that are sort of similar to SMBC but that still use copyrighted content. Oh well... But when I start making completely original games, I'll probably want to do something different. I'd really like to make games that incorporate comedy into them, and the type of comedy I do would work well with cartoon-like graphics, so I'm guessing my first original game will look like a cartoon.

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