Another pipe glitch...

Discussion in 'Bugs' started by CowboyJoseph64, May 6, 2015.

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    HEY KIDZ! Wanna see something on par with moonwalking through pipes? YES? Then how about Mario doing his jump animation down a pipe if you press down and jump at the exact same time!

    I'm about to test other characters too because they're easily possible.

    megaman: yes
    bass: yes
    link: yes
    samus: no. She does the jump sound, but she isn't doing the animation.
    simon: yes or no. It doesn't make a damn difference he crouches to jump.
    bill: yes

    ryu: yes, although he does other animations after that...?
    in fact, bill kinda did it too but it was only crouching so I just figured it was just because I was holding down...?

    sophia III: I think so, hard to tell.

    list complete.
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