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  1. Sergy92

    Sergy92 Level 7: Bloober

    Being honest, I don't even know.
  2. Rey D

    Rey D Level 12: Super Mod

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  3. NeedsMoreStuff

    NeedsMoreStuff Level 3: Paratroopa

    Soldier: Fires rockets that deal 500 Damage
    Scout: Fires 8 Bullets that deal 75 to 25 Damage each
    Demoman: Fires stickybombs that deal 800 Damage
    Heavy: Machine Gun that deals 150 to 50 Damage, has an extra HP
    Sniper: Deals 200 to 600 Damage, tripled for headshots
    Medic: Machine Gun that deals 75 to 25 Damage, for every 2500 damage becomes nigh invincible or critically charged
    Pyro: Machine Gun that pierces armor, deals 75 Damage for 6 Seconds after hit
    Engineer: Builds a sentry that deals 50 Damage and can be upgraded to shoot twice as fast, and to shoot rockets
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