Are Some Skins Redundant?

Discussion in 'Skins' started by uglyrodent, Dec 31, 2012.

  1. Dimpsy

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    :/ I'm going to agree with ReNeX. The fact of having Pony skins in the game might increase popularity. Besides, I stated in another Thread that if a bunch of blocks can make it as a skin, what harm does it do for the Brony skins? You simply just don't give a bit of faith in skins like that, like the Fix-It Felix Jr. skin. The possibilities are supposed to be endless aren't they?
  2. Urutsune

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    Well on such case what can go in is mainly depends on the creator as what type and quality of things he wants to be in. SMBC seems to be focusing on game things, I would dare to say as long as it is from some kind of game it pass by theme. I don't think they like to judge too much from quality but they surely would not put in something low quality looking because they really just don't want to give something bad looking, they want us to have the best.
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  3. Rey D

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    Not that it's of any use if they come just to have a stiff pony moving around.

    It harms my eyes. Both the anatomy and the animation.

    They're not.
  4. aliceandsven

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    Tetris is a classic video game. Uglyrodent found a clever way to incorporate a t-piece from the game onto Sophia's character.

    MLP cannot even begin to compare
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  5. World 1-1

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    I'd rather play with a bunch of blocks than with ponies.
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  6. Lilfut

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    eh, i knew it was a long shot anyway

    thanks for crushing my dreams u gaiz
  7. sbq92

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    Adding all of the skins in a single update would be a terrible idea. What fun would that be for everyone? Sure, you'd have a ton to choose from initially, but then you'd have very small updates later on.

    In addition to this, though, adding skins is a lot more work than simply putting the skin sheet in a folder. The skin needs to be thoroughly tested to make sure everything is aligned properly, which includes adjusting or sometimes outright changing some frames and colors (e.g., Quick Man's shooting frame), the palette needs to be set up and tested (which sometimes means having to play through a game to a certain point so we can rip the correct colors, which is time consuming), and then music and sometimes sound effects need to be found and then we need to decide which songs would work best with which levels (a lot of time was spent on Shadow to get his music right, because there are a lot of songs in FF6 that could have worked in many places). We need to do this with every character skin and map skin. Map skins are even more work because their palettes are pretty complex, and the backgrounds all have to be set up properly, and if there are any animated backgrounds, those are a ton of work to set up.

    I may even be missing a step or two in that explanation, but the point is, we worked really hard and each character only got an average of a few skins each, and only four map skins were added. So, don't be disappointed if a single update doesn't contain every skin you hoped to see from the wiki.

    Also, we don't plan on adding every skin on the wiki. We'll add as many as we feel are of decent quality. As Rey D correctly stated, "quality over quantity."

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