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Discussion in 'Skins' started by uglyrodent, Jan 13, 2011.

  1. uglyrodent

    uglyrodent Level 9: Spike Top

    This is for any new skins you may have made that have nothing to do with the games represented in SMBC. Like you drew it by hand, or it's a tile set for Ducktales or something.

    CHAOS_FANTAZY Level 6: Lakitu

    Well, a while back, I took a break from Mega Man reskins and did an SMB3 World 1-1.

    But suddenly, motivation--thousands of it. I may do a level reskin for some of my favorite requests, and when I get really good at this, I may even do a 16-Bit stage for Sonic!
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  3. c2456

    c2456 Level 6: Lakitu

    I haven't bothered to mess with the SMBC auto tiler but I will on this three day weekend.
  4. Ryuza

    Ryuza Level 6: Lakitu

    Hadn't realized someone already started a topic for skins for characters not in SMBC.

    Well, I just finished one for Stage 1-1 in Demon Returns style, check it out. :D

    Demon Returns is a bit of a neo retro game if anyones wondering, it's from a collection of games based off of old nes games and made within the limitations of the nes as well. It's based off of SMB mainly but the story is a bit like Ghost's 'N Goblins and theres a feature from Adventure Island tossed in as well.

    Also, the collection is called Game Center CX 2, unfortunately it was only released in Japan. :(
  5. sbq92

    sbq92 Level 9: Spike Top

    I like your skin, Ryuza! (hmm...never thought I'd tell anyone I like their skin...)

    When this thread was first made, I looked briefly into doing a Ducktales skin, and it turns out Ducktales has perfect simple graphics that translate very easily into SMBC. Scrooge McDuck needs to be made a character so we can re-skin stages using Ducktales graphics. :p
  6. Luigifan2010

    Luigifan2010 Level 1: Goomba

    Reminds me of fancy Caslevania imo
  7. Blardow6

    Blardow6 Level 1: Goomba

    I'm working on one sometime later I will show you guys it in an edit
  8. Blardow6

    Blardow6 Level 1: Goomba

    this is cool, I like the clouds you must of put some time into this (with the auto tiler :p)
  9. Ryuza

    Ryuza Level 6: Lakitu

    I made the base with the Auto-Tiler (the ground and such) but I added all the background stuff in paint.
  10. Mitewing

    Mitewing Level 9: Spike Top

    I think it would be cool if someone created skins based on previous Mario games like Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Jr, and Mario Bros. Hopefully I'll have time soon to learn how to use the Auto-Tiler program, but don't hold your breath.
  11. sbq92

    sbq92 Level 9: Spike Top

    The Auto-Tiler itself isn't overly difficult. I suppose the "drawback" to it is that it still requires some graphical editing skill, but the amount of skill required is minimal compared to skinning an entire level. Play around with it, and have some fun. Trial and error isn't a bad way to learn. :)
  12. sbq92

    sbq92 Level 9: Spike Top

    Behold! Sonic the Hedgehog Green Hill Zone 1-1!

    EDIT: Sorry for the double post! I didn't realize I was the last one to post on here...
  13. Captain Knight

    Captain Knight Level 6: Lakitu

    That's awesome! sbq92, I want to tell you that the 1-1 Ninja Gaiden reskin can be

    the stage from 5-2! I think.
  14. sbq92

    sbq92 Level 9: Spike Top

    It's a possibility. Ninja Gaiden has a complex 3/4-ish view for the graphics. I don't think it's impossible to skin with the graphics, but it may take some editing to get it to look right. Unfortunately, some of the easiest stages to work with don't seem to fit very well with the "theme" of the level in SMBC.

    Maybe I'll tackle one and see how it goes...

    EDIT: I've got one partially finished, but it's looking like the graphics will need the background in order to really work well. I don't know how complex Jay wants to make the backgrounds, but I am under the impression he is trying to keep them simple.
  15. Dimpsy

    Dimpsy Level 9: Spike Top

    Ya know,if I wanted to make a Level Reskin,it would be a close tie with Sonic The Hedgehog or Super Mario Land(Yes,I mean THAT game).....or maybe Ducktales.....idk,but still,I gotta reskin in the works and its a Sonic-ish like one with some Platform Racing references in it,but if so,I would also call the reskin : Super Dakota Team Megamix : Hyper Edition

    EDIT : I reskin will be : Sonic's Wacky Adventures
    And for the characters :
    Mario - Sonic
    Link - One of the TMNT
    Ryu - ME!!!!!
    Sofia III - Not sure
    Samus - Pit or Tails
    Bill R - Bass
  16. HeliosCentaur

    HeliosCentaur Level 1: Goomba

    World 1-4 in the style of Super Mario Land

    So I thought it would be fun to see some of Mario Land brought to Mario World. I was blown away to see this Egyptian level as a kid and wished it was in color and on a tv screen. [​IMG]
  17. sbq92

    sbq92 Level 9: Spike Top

    Looks great, but again it's small. There's an option when uploading to ImageShack to not resize the image. I think your files are being resized. I had to turn the option off myself.
  18. Mitewing

    Mitewing Level 9: Spike Top

    Yes! I love SML. Great job! Someone needs to make a level based on the original Mario Bros, Donkey Kong or DK Jr.
  19. HeliosCentaur

    HeliosCentaur Level 1: Goomba

    It's not uploaded any smaller. When I click on the 'click this bar to view image' and it goes to another window, than that auto-formats to the size of the screen. After I click the pic with the mouse pointer/magnifier it comes up normal size. If there's an easier way for people to see it, let me know.
  20. sbq92

    sbq92 Level 9: Spike Top

    Ah, that worked for me, actually. I had been clicking on the image itself, but the bar does indeed work. :)

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