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Discussion in 'Skins' started by Giga, Aug 16, 2013.

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    Hey, Exploding Rabbit. I'm the guy that requested that Benjamin be added as a Link skin. You might've seen my name in the credits and gone "who the hell is that guy?" and you'd be right in saying that. I could go into great detail about what I've done and who I am, but that's for another thread which may or may not be created.

    I want to say before I post this image that I love what has been done already, and this is simply a few changes (and a face sprite that I wouldn't use myself, but feel should be included in the skin somewhere; feel free to edit it out) I would personally make to the skin. I've changed the arrows, bomb bag and jump animation. Since you can actually jump in Mystic Quest, I took the jumping sprite and put it where it belongs - if no other changes are made, this is my only request. The arrow pickup I put in the sheet is based off the inventory instead of the attack animation. I drew the sideways one myself - the arrowhead is a bit shit, so if this is seriously considered, I would request that someone better at sprite art than me redoes it. Finally, I changed the Bomb Bag from the Wakewater, which I had no idea what it was, to a Heal Potion. It should draw attention away from the top of the bag, and towards the bottom, where the bomb symbol is.

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    Actually made ​​Froszul skin but I see you made some changes
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    Now you made me not want to jump as Benjamin until the next version. Good job.

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