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Discussion in 'Characters' started by Mitewing, Apr 29, 2012.

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    I can't believe no one has made a thread for Bonk yet. He was the mascot for Hudson's Turbografix-16 console. He was also in games released on NES, SNES, and Gameboy. His gameplay varies throughout his various games so he should probably be based on the original Bonk's Adventure for the TG16 and NES. His powerups consists of eating meat to make him stronger. He attacks enemies with his head and can climb with his teeth. I've never played any of the games so I'd love to hear ideas and more information on the character.
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    Meh I saw some gameplay. He doesn't seem very interesting no offense.
  3. CuvisTheConqueror

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    As one of the few people who actually owned a TG16 growing up, I'd love to see Bonk in Crossover.
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  4. Mitewing

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    Can you tell us more about the game and character?
  5. CuvisTheConqueror

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    Sure, why not.

    Bonk was the de facto mascot of the Turbo-Grafx 16. He's a little caveman with a big head, and fights dinosaurs and what not. He had three games on the Turbo-Grafx, and, when it was clear the TG wasn't going anywhere, the first game was ported to the NES and Game Boy, and another game was made for the Game Boy and two more for the SNES (though I don't think the SNES games were ever published stateside). His main mode of attack was with his head; you could headbutt while on the ground, and while jumping, the top of his head hits enemies. Hitting the attack button while in the air causes Bonk to flip and come down head first, and again, his head hurts enemies. He can also float down slowly (similar to the raccoon tail in SMB3) by flipping repeatedly (this was particularly useful in the TG-16 games, since the TG-16 actually had a turbo-fire function on its stock controller). Bonk's main power ups are meat; he can get up to two small pieces of meat (or one big piece, which counts as two small ones), which each give him an extra hit and make his attacks stronger. While he's powered up, he can also cause the ground to shake, damaging all enemies on the ground, by hitting the ground head first (if he does this while not powered up, it just stuns him for a bit). When he hits his full power-up state (by getting two small meat or one big meat), he also becomes briefly invincible. Each power-up level fades over time (it takes a couple of minutes), or goes away when hit.

    Here's a bit of gameplay:

    Bonk's power-up system would probably translate well to 2.0; just replace mushrooms with small meat, stars with big meat, and there you go.
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  6. TheomanZero

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    The first one was, actually, under the title "Super Bonk".
    One thing that concerns me about Bonk (who I do like, by the way -- bonking things with his head was a simple mechanic, but it was utilized creatively to allow floating, ground-pounding, and even wall-jumping, starting in the second game) is that he's proportioned oddly for SMBC. I suppose if you used his "tiny" sprites from Super Bonk, he'd be about the same size as Link, but that would be a little odd.
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  7. Mitewing

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    Not necessarily odd, but how do the sprites compare between GB, NES, and SNES? I always wished SOPHIA was a little bit bigger so the scale between the other characters would be more accurate. Thanks for the insight guys. I thought his unique gameplay mechanics would be right for SMBC but I wasn't sure. I definitely think he should be in the top 10 list now.
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    oh wait wrong bonk sorry
  9. CuvisTheConqueror

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    I don't think size will be a problem. Bonk is about as tall as Super Mario, and not quite as wide as SOPHIA. Here's a comparison of the NES sprites (TG16 and SNES sprites are the same size):

    Bonk comparison.png

    The only issue I might see is that his Game Boy sprites are much smaller than his sprites from other platforms. This might pose an issue for skinning, but I'm sure that the wonderful and talented spriters will find a way around that.
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  10. Mitewing

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    Maybe all the sprites should be based on the smaller GB sprites. Also he had various powerups in different games like growing to a giant. Should these others be added or stick with the basics?

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