Bowser fight edits?

Discussion in 'Features' started by Mew, Mar 4, 2012.

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    Since the game already got difficulty settings and cheats that affect enemy properties and behaviours (replacement of Goombas with Spike Tops / cheat that turn Hammer Bros into the pursuing versions), a thought occured to me regarding Bowser.

    Namely, just as he get edited on easier settings to be easier to kill (less HP), he could get some edits on harder modes.

    Idea number one is the simpler one and the more general one.

    On harder modes, he could be given a 'block' property akin to the one he get in NSMB and NSMB Wii. Namely, Bowser cannot be run through and 'kick' the player back whenever collided with and this, whenever damage is inflicted or not. Since Normal mode is accurate to the original game and the easier modes are meant to be eaiser than it, this edit would probably not be applied (so you can mercy invincibility run through him on those settings).

    Idea number two is a bit more complex.

    Basically, probably only on Very Hard (or maybe on Hard), Bowser would shift to harder patterns faster ; instead of switching to hammers only on world 6, he would shift to it earlier and the hammers+fireballs wouldn't be used in the last battle. Instead, beyond the hammer+fireballs fight, Bowser would start using attacks from his NSMB & NSMB Wii final boss versions (namely, the large fireball arc and the triple blue homing fireball).

    I think those ideas would help make Bowser more difficult on harder levels without necessarely ressorting to giving him a bajillion HPs.

    (I think that such edits would also be relevent due to how wildly different some parts of the game feel for different characters ; Simon and Samus tend to go through stages easily but Bowser is difficult to defeat for them. So difficulty increases, as they don't modify Bowser in the current version, affect them less than say, Mario)

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