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Discussion in 'Characters' started by Onurb, Aug 30, 2012.

  1. Onurb

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    from captain america and the avengers for the NES.

    his powers would include throwing his shield of course, but also floating on lava by using his shield like a makeshift boat, same as in the NES game!

    he would also be able to thrust downward with his shield to goomba stuff (same as in the game) and he would be able to charge forwards with his shield by double tapping forward key.
    maybe he could also be able to hang from the edges of blocks, kind of like RYU but only at the top of the corner and not climb up or down, hanging was a very important part of that game. and of course he would be able to use his shield to make projectiles bounce!

    actually i would be happier to see him in super retro squad as something else with the same abilities, but he could also fit in here.
  2. MissingNo2

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    ... I hate to be blunt, but no, he wouldn't fit. I'm certain Jay said that anything that didn't originate from game media is not going in this unless it's a skin.
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  3. uglyrodent

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    Jay never said that, though he may have implied something similar.

    What he HAS said is that the character request section is, shockingly, for requesting characters. Any characters.

    Actually, I think he looks pretty fun! The boomerang shield would be a pretty fun attack, and his movement speed and jump arc seem perfectly suited to SMB's terrain. He looks like he'd be like a somewhat more agile Simon.

    I don't know the game too well, and I didn't watch much of the video, so I don't know what there is in the way of powerups to work with.

    This actually wouldn't work in my opinion. It would be WAY too powerful, and if I'm correct there's no such thing as lava in SMB's programming (you don't take damage upon touching it, and in fact don't seem to collide with it at all). I think in the castle's it's just a pit, and they put some lava sprites there to look cool. Also, his jump doesn't look like it would get him out of most lava pits, so he'd be stuck.

    It's weird how none of the characters so far can grab ledges. As for the projectile thing, I am intrigued; how would that work?

    Also, can you play any other avengers in that game? I've never played it, but it looks like it would be awesome if they had the other Avengers. Iron Man, Hulk, and Wasp would be awesome.

    Ant-Man less fun. But still cool.
  4. Onurb

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    you can play hawkeye and he shoots an arrow but it's pretty bland in comparison, besides link has the arrow thing covered pretty much. thanks for your opinion it means a lot!

    i haven't seen many projectiles in the game now that you mention it, but i guess you could make the fire spitting flower's projectiles or the bullet bills bounce off his shield, this only works when cap is not moving at all and the shield is pointing in the right direction at the right elevation in the game

    oh and there are powerups indeed, if you grab a bunch of crystals your shield charge becomes invincible. i guess you could also make his shield stomp locked until he grabbed some powerup too, all a matter of game balancing :)
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  5. uglyrodent

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    Yeah, it sounds like a lot of his moves could be relegated to upgrades.

    How about the shortest range attack (sounds like his shield stomp) is the default, but then you can get the shield throw, the charge, and the protection from projectiles as upgrades?

    I'll hunt down a ROM and try it for myself before I try to make any more suggestions :p
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  6. jan mathew

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    speaking of Hawkeye his attack can be like bass. I mean like 7 directions

    and if the avengers Idea was good maybe having their costumes in avengers and regular ones
  7. mickey mouse games

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    Thanks for your post.

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