Verifying Character Select Screen Issues

Discussion in 'Bugs' started by Nitron_ZX, Aug 1, 2013.

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    doing a quick search got me some topics on something similar, but they were for pre 3.0 so i think it's better to make a new topic for it?

    I'm not entirely sure how this came about since I didn't notice or do anything out of the ordinary up to the point but whatever happened seemed to cause a weird bug in the character select screen.

    After beating 5-4, playing on easy, survival, old not-special maps, (was gonna do a run of all the new stuff) I revived my characters and all the usual jazz, and went to pick my character and then skin. I happened to notice though, that the character preview at the bottom was moving along with the cursor, mostly. instead of doing the little run in place animation. the character didn't jump or attack with A or B when choosing the character however, though I didn't try much else.

    The movement was both left and right, though I couldn't move further right then the character could naturally in this screen (where they stand in place - guess there's an invisible wall there for the preview characters to autorun into) so I decided to venture as far as I could left with the currently selected erdrick link skin (starting on loto, pressing and holding left)

    Once I got to the edge of the screen, the character simply walked right off, I heard link's default death sound, and the selection screen refreshed, sans link, since survival mode. I suppose I fell off the map or something into a pit. interestingly though, at this point, the level indicator said 9-1, so I initially thought it was a secret. I picked my character from there as normal (ryu, default skin, if it matters) and it plopped me into world 1-1, the level continuing normally from there with previous settings and such, like map difficulty.

    pretty odd, I think. if i had to guess, I think the game just missed whatever line of code locks in the autorun, buuuut i wouldn't know ^-^;;
    though I think it's neat how this shows what ways were used to program certain things but I digress~

    So anyways, that's that.

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