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Discussion in 'Characters' started by Captain Knight, Mar 26, 2011.

  1. Captain Knight

    Captain Knight Level 6: Lakitu

    And here it is folks! the results for the Character Voting that's been going on since the beginning of March. Before I show it to you, I just wanna thank all of the people that voted on the thread, anyone! I also want to give a huge shout-out to Crownjo for starting the thread and making it go all over the place!

    So here was how we counted the votes. We counted them by POINTS! Yes, points. We'll give you a random vote to show you what we mean

    for e.g. :
    1. Pit = 5 points
    2. Protoman = 4 points
    3. Rash = 3 points
    4. Sonic = 2 points
    5. Kirby = 1 point

    BUT! If there was only 3 or 4 characters, the last ranking got only one point, so for example :
    1. Pit = 5 points
    2. Rash = 4 points
    3. Kirby = 1 point

    Fair enough?

    Now, here is our results!

    Getsu Fuma = 5 points

    8. Luigi = 16 points

    6. Rad Spencer = 17 point

    2. Rash = 44 points

    Nova = 5 points

    Thonolan = 3 points

    1. Kirby = 86 points

    TMNT = 10 points

    4. Scrooge McDuck = 34 points

    8. Protoman = 16 point

    Peach = 5 points

    Alex/Kunio = 3 points

    Firebrand = 5 points

    6. Arthur = 17 points

    Shatterhand/Steve H. = 8 points

    3. Sonic = 36 points

    5. Pit = 29 points

    Solid Snake = 6 point

    10. Bass = 11 points

    Toad = 5 points

    Batman = 4 points

    Fred Flintstone = 2 points

    Lakitu = 9 points

    Valkyrie/Macross = 4 points

    Hammer Bros. = 1 point

    Felix the Cat = 4 points

    Alucard = 5 points

    Link = 1 point

    Ice Climbers = 3 points

    Yumetaro = 4 points

    Master Higgins = 4 points

    Bub/bble bobble = 1 point

    Bomberman = 2 points

    DK = 1 point

    Vic Viper/Gradius = 3 points

    Mike Jones/Startropics = 1 point

    CF = 4 points

    Yoshi = 1 point

    Mike Haggar/FF = 1 point

    Pikachu = 6 point

    The characters that are sized and colored are our top 10. The top 2 characters are Rash and KIRBY!

    I hope you enjoyed the voting!
    Captain Knight
  2. Crownjo

    Crownjo Level 7: Bloober

    Thank you. Also the two Luigis are their own. I think Lost Levels was more popular.
  3. Captain Knight

    Captain Knight Level 6: Lakitu

    Well there's been talk that there will be Luigis COMBINED from other games, for e.g. Start out as SMB:LL Luigi, and mushroom turn into SMB3. Just an example.
  4. jerry

    jerry Level 6: Lakitu

    I didn't see Rad... He would be cool. I think him and Kirby would be the funnest because they would bring a lot more variety to the game. Arthur I just voted for because I really like Ghouls and Ghosts...

    Cool poll though.
  5. Captain Knight

    Captain Knight Level 6: Lakitu

    Whadya mean? Rad is in the Top 10!

    Edit : Also, this isn't the poll, this is just the results. I'll post the poll in about an hour.
  6. jerry

    jerry Level 6: Lakitu

    I'm saying I didn't seem in the voting or something because I'm blind.

    EDIT: I meant it was a cool poll that was had that led to cool results.

    CHAOS_FANTAZY Level 6: Lakitu

    Proto Man tied for seventh? GROUP, I AM DISAPPOINT.

    It's interesting to see all of these lined up. Very helpful to see it all at once.
  8. Captain Knight

    Captain Knight Level 6: Lakitu

    He practically got only 1. or 2. spots, so it only needed like 4 voted to get in there.

    I should number them off, saying who's the #1 spot and all that. Also, I guess your team didn't vote XD
  9. fire sonic power

    fire sonic power Level 7: Bloober

    The hills have eyes with the sound of SON OF A BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Captain Knight

    Captain Knight Level 6: Lakitu

  11. pinkpuff

    pinkpuff Level 3: Paratroopa

    In a word, no.

    Why? Because nowhere in the rules did it say that the characters a person gives in their response should be ordered by preference. Thus, the evaluation scheme may not give you accurate results.

    What I mean is, with the rules posted in the other thread, If someone voted as follows:

    1. Pit
    2. Kirby
    3. Luigi

    That doesn't necessarily mean they want Pit the most, Kirby second-most, and Luigi third most, since the rules did not say to order them by preference. However, the evaluation scheme you're using assumes that they are.
  12. Captain Knight

    Captain Knight Level 6: Lakitu

    They OBVIOUSLY are if they number it, which EVERYONE DID, besides one person. Obviously, again, if you put somebody at the #1 SPOT, you want them the MOST. If you put a character in the last spot, you OBVIOUSLY want them LESS then all of the other characters. You can't just count ordered rankings like that without caring about the rankings! If you want it that way, a character could be in a #1 spot 6 times. A different character could have the #5 spot 6 times, but those 2 TOTALLY DIFFERENT characters at TOTALLY DIFFERENT spots would have the same outcome of what the final ranking would be.
  13. aliceandsven

    aliceandsven Level 9: Spike Top

    "Obviously, again, if you put somebody at the #1 SPOT, you want them the MOST. If you put a character in the last spot, you OBVIOUSLY want them LESS then all of the other characters."

    These are assumptions. Why?

    A list can be numbered or bulleted. The numbers in a numbered list don't signify anything other than the order of the items in the list. (#1 is the first item, #2 is the second item, etc.) Question #1 on an exam isn't the most important question, it's just the first item of a list. It doesn't really have anything to do with preference. Some people may have just recalled characters and added them to the list as they recalled them, and decided to use a numbered list.

    Why didn't you mention this? Don't you think it's important that people know what their votes count for? The results are now questionable.
  14. pinkpuff

    pinkpuff Level 3: Paratroopa

    No, that is not obvious.

    According to the rules posted in the voting thread, they are not ordered.

    Right; and since the lists are unordered, those results would be accurate.
  15. Captain Knight

    Captain Knight Level 6: Lakitu

    But they ARE ordered. It doesnt matter if it was a rule or not, they still numbered the characters by who they wanted most down to who they wanted lastly. Last time I checked, this isn't an essay, this is a VOTING. Besides, even IF I did it that wrong way I probably still would've had almost all of those characters in the top 10.
  16. ketchupninja

    ketchupninja Level 9: Spike Top

    You don't know that. Not everyone does that. You can't assume EVERYONE does that!
  17. World 1-1

    World 1-1 Level 6: Lakitu

    Yeah, but I'm pretty sure that most people did that, like me.
  18. pinkpuff

    pinkpuff Level 3: Paratroopa

    It does matter, because since it wasn't in the rules, they could be in any order. How do you know that they are all in the order of who they wanted most down to who they wanted least? Sure some of them are probably in that order, but maybe some aren't. How can you tell?

    I agree... Not sure what essays have to do with anything...

    Yup, they may very well happen to turn out the same. That is beside the point.
  19. Captain Knight

    Captain Knight Level 6: Lakitu

    Since this is a VOTING where you VOTE who you want MOST in the game, it is OBVIOUS of who they want MOST and who they want SECOND MOST etc.

    Even YOU did it this way.

    Also, I counted, and there is 30 out of 33 voted that are exactly the way.


    If it turns out the same, then why are we arguing and HOW IS THIS BESIDE THE POINT IF IT DOESN'T MATTER?
  20. aliceandsven

    aliceandsven Level 9: Spike Top

    This is really simple. You asked people to vote without telling them what their vote counted for.

    That's IT!

    The results are invalid.

    You can't assume that everyone thought of ordering their lists in terms of importance. Numbered listing is a general system, and not reserved solely for prioritized lists.

    If people had known that more points would be given for their first items, this may have changed their order. But you made absolutely zero reference to this system of voting.


    that may very well happen

    Have you even checked to see if this is the case or not?

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