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Discussion in 'Features' started by JoMamma, Jul 21, 2011.

  1. TheomanZero

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    Sorry to bump an old thread, but I got some new information pertaining to an old discussion, and I thought it was appropriate to continue it in the same thread.

    While perusing The Cutting Room Floor, I discovered that Super Mario Advance 4 contained unused data for even more e-Switches. Since we were discussing the e-Switches before, I thought I'd list them here, as well as whatever relevance to SMBC I think they might have:
    • Enemy point combos start at 4000 points instead of 100 so you start getting 1-Ups after only three enemies (could be a cheat, I guess).
    • All blocks that contain 1-Up Mushrooms contain three instead (almost the same as the one that replaces them with 3-Up Moons).
    • Bosses have double health (SMBC already has adjustable attack strength).
    • A floating platform will save you from pits up to twice per stage (SMBC already has Bouncy Pits).
    • Adds the Hold Item box from Super Mario World (not sure this would work for anyone but the Mario Bros., and it wouldn't be very interesting with just Fire Flowers).
    • Any demos recorded with Mario replace him with Luigi (completely irrelevant to SMBC).
    • Getting hit with a higher-level power-up will reduce Mario to small Mario rather than Super Mario, like in the Famicom version of SMB3 and the original SMB (I've been interested in a way to somehow include the Mario Bros.' modern damage system in SMBC).
    All in all, I'd say that this group of switches is even less relevant to SMBC than the actually implemented ones, except for maybe that last one. Mainly I'm kind of disappointed that the Hold Item box switch didn't actually make it into SMA4 because that would have been awesome.
  2. Mitewing

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    Regarding the hold boxes, I don't see the problem of Ice Flowers, Gold Flowers, and Superball Flowers added if they're a cheat and not part of the main game. This would justify the hold boxes.

    Also, hit points like in SMB3/W should have been a cheat ages ago. I believe it used to be part of the Very Easy difficulty though in an earlier version.

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