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Discussion in 'Features' started by TheomanZero, Apr 2, 2012.

  1. TheomanZero

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    For the sake of people who prefer things the old-fashioned way, I think that Simon and Ryu should be able to use sub-weapons with Up + Attack, and Sophia with Down + Attack . . . IN ADDITION to the Special button. That is, you should be able to press either Special or Up + Attack to the same effect (unless you're crouching, in which case only Special will work, for obvious reasons). It shouldn't be a problem for two inputs to do the same thing, right? And since Up + Attack doesn't currently do anything as Simon or Ryu, adding this wouldn't conflict with the current control scheme. (I'm not as familiar with Blaster Master . . . how did sub-weapons work on walls in that game? Would that conflict with the current control scheme?)
    In another thread I suggested adding Cycle Buttons, and that doing so would free up Bass' Special button to be a Dash button (as it was in MM & B). If that happens, then Bass' Dash would be assigned to both Special and Down + Jump in a similar fashion to the sub-weapons above.
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  2. Nitron_ZX

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    In all honesty, I can't remember how blaster masters weapons worked on walls either ._. i'm not entirely sure but IIRC it was you just push towards the wall you're on and fire. like, say you're on the roof, it becomes up+shoot.

    though the main reason i'd want that, specifically with sophia, is the lightning bolts, I loved those in B.M. and the direction just gave me an extra sense of aiming. but since those aren't in SMBC at the moment...

    though I think it'd be a good idea in general, give it that good ol' NES feel even more.
  3. sbq92

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    I see no problem with implementing these controls. I doubt mapping moves to keys is difficult enough to warrant not bothering with it.
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  4. TheomanZero

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    The Lightning power-up is on Sophia's template, so I think (and hope) that it will be implemented eventually. And if the sub-weapon command does depend on your current orientation, then that's all the more reason to keep it on Special as well.

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