Request Cut Man: One Shot at a Time, Does 150 Damage

Discussion in 'Features' started by RondoOfRedLiquids, May 17, 2014.


What do you believe is the most appropriate?

  1. Cut Man > Mega Man, but does not deserve a nerf

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  2. Cut Man > Mega Man, and is worthy of a nerf

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  3. Cut Man > Mega Man, Mega Man needs a buff

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  4. Mega Man > Cut Man, but does not deserve a nerf

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  5. Mega Man > Cut Man, and is worthy of a nerf

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  6. Mega Man > Cut Man, Cut Man needs a buff

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  1. RondoOfRedLiquids

    RondoOfRedLiquids Level 1: Goomba

    This is basically a continuation to a previous thread I made where I noticed that Cut Man seems to be much stronger than Mega Man, Ice Man, and for the most part, Fire Man(except for castles where he is the better choice). I haven't went into too much detail about Rokko Chan, since I don't use her and cannot use her effectively to begin with.

    Anyways, about Cut Man, I find that his regular shots are quite overpowered. At a stellar damage of 125 per shot(beating Mega Man's 100 per shot), Cut Man is able to take down a Goomba in 2 shots, and a Koopa in 5 shots, getting them in their shell in 4 shots. However, unlike Mega Man, who's shots vanish after hitting an enemy, Cut Man can shoot through multiple enemies. Meaning that while Mega Man takes 9 shots to take down a row of 3 goombas, Cut Man only needs 2 shots. This means that while Mega Man needs to charge in order to take down enemies quickly, Cut Man constantly has the ability to do that at his disposal.

    There is also the fact that Cut Man does a much better job at breaking bricks than Mega Man. Just by getting spam happy with the regular shots, you can easily uncover 1-ups, power-ups, beanstalks and coins, due to the ability to break bricks with your shots as well as your head if necessary. I'm not sure if this is actually because of having 2 shots, but there is no doubt that having 2 shots at a time certainly helps finding all of these secrets without much effort at all.

    My proposal is that Cut Man should have 1 shot at a time, but have it do a little extra damage so that enemies like the Lakitu, Koopa Paratroopa and Hammer Bros. don't completely overwhelm you, but you still do a little worse against them then if you would with 2 shots. I believe that by doing this, there is more of a reason to use Mega Man, since the 3 shots will outweigh Cut Man's 1 shot, but Cut Man still does a better job of uncovering hidden items, and can still hold up in combat, just not as well as Mega Man.

    EDIT: Oh yeah, and I wouldn't increase the damage of the charged shot. I would actually nerf it down to 250, instead of 300 where it currently stands, since most people would just charge to evade the 1 shot issue. The weak charged should be 200.

    IMPORTANT: I wouldn't consider this just yet, as I have received counter-arguments that make me believe that Cut Man may not be as overpowered as I thought and is not deserving of a nerf. Poll added.
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  2. Omicron

    Omicron Level 9: Spike Top

    Hello ^__^/¯

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    Hello again, I have added a poll for you.

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  3. sbq92

    sbq92 Level 9: Spike Top

    Cut Man was difficult to balance (and I'm not sure we necessarily accomplished a proper balance). It made sense to give his shots the "pass-through" effect, but then it was difficult to decide how many shots and how much damage. At one point, I think he had only one shot and he felt far too weak. The drawback to his pass-through shots is supposed to be that he can't just sit and spam an enemy because he has to wait for the shots to leave the screen. With only one shot it would be very difficult to take down stronger enemies. Even with two shots it's tough, despite the extra damage (which was added to help balance the inability to spam shots). The main difficulty is that the possible changes to be made seem subtle, but they can actually make a huge difference in whether he's overpowered or underpowered.

    I suppose in an effort to make him interesting he ended up being a bit too powerful compared to Mega Man, but keep in mind that this is a free fan game (i.e., no real budget for extensive testing and balancing), but also that people don't always play characters just because of their abilities, but rather many enjoy simply playing as their favorites. If you'd like, you could consider Cut Man as a sort of "easy mode" compared to Mega Man. Remember also, though, that many of the Hard mode levels are really quite difficult, so you could use all the help you can get. :)
  4. RondoOfRedLiquids

    RondoOfRedLiquids Level 1: Goomba

    I posted this a while back, my opinion has changed since then and I now believe that Mega Man is better because he can be more spammy, making this thread sort of irrelevant now.

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