Downloadable SMBC?

Discussion in 'Game' started by Shilar, Sep 24, 2012.

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    Sorry, something went wrong and link was different than text. I updated the post.
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    Interesting. So this basically runs a minimalistic local server with simple DNS redirection to mimic the ER server.

    I guess people can use this on Windows, but as of right now, people with other operating systems or with limited user accounts can't use it, unlike the chrome cache trick.

    So I will now investigate whether it is possible to transfer the chrome cache data somehow to enable offline smbc on a machine without prior access to the internet.
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    Did you tried "offline mode" switch in Firefox?

    I completely forgot about that thing.
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    I didn't because I don't have it on this machine. I can't say I know how to toggle that either, but a quick search would suffice anyway.

    It probably works since they are both very solid browsers.
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    I had to update instructions to my soft, because second path was wrong :oops:
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    I can teach you
    how to cra_k it,
    Sorry to the developer,
    But someone need
    off-line mode.
    QQ截图20130927003300.jpg QQ截图20130927003231.jpg

    just extract the preloader,you konw that…hey!!!
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    Please refrain from posting twice in the same thread with very little time between your posts.
    If you wish to add anything, click the 'Edit' button below your post.
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    so easy!!!!!

    it is a Joke,just leave it know smbc ver.1.2 just 942 KB
    look at this, more than 6.4 MB. so just extract the preloder,you'll
    find the answer...
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    You're doing it wrong.

    You don't simply 'extract' the preloader, that's not how it works. It's actually ridiculously easy to remove this protection, but it was left there for a reason.

    I have reached a conclusion after analyzing the game, and my conclusion is that you should wait for an official statement.

    Moreover, please refrain from posting the exact method to extract source or hack the flash image. Thank you.

    We don't employ word filters.
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    nah, filter union rules and all. you know the drill.

    on the other hand, a version that one could play on it's own would be neat, but as renex said, best to wait for Word of god on that one, since a lot of collateral could happen. dollars, confidences lost. bam. domino effect.
    and then all the cards, man, all the cards.
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    Forwarding this to staff
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    I know I was wrong. I like SMBC, it's so great ! And I think so those guys do! But not everybody have internet connection. We have to download the "FlashPlayer stand-alone version" to play the game. I (and those guys) waited for 3.0x version days and nights, finally it comes ! So I downloaded it immediately...
    Ohhhh...No...No...What?? Cannot play!! I thought the file might broken, so I downloaded it again & again & again &...So I think there must be some thing wrong. And then I made a try, what's the result? SUCCEEDED!!!
    Announcement: I did this JUST for myself. No cracked .swf files uploaded. No method or lesson taught.
    Something eles: No internet needed, no server needed, no special software or tools, It is really EASY to make it work off-line!
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    I know very well that you and many others are frustrated, but you don't simply go to Nintendo forums and talk about how you got a game working how it wasn't designed to, for example. They would instantly ban you there.

    We're not nearly as harsh, but you should be quieter anyway. We are now waiting for an official statement.

    So hang on.
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    I'm going to be going away on holiday for a few weeks on Monday and I may not be able to get an internet connection. So I'm requesting a version which allows it to play offline on the hard drive (like in 2.1 and before) so I at least have something to do. Pretty please? :?:
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    Thanks man, works like a charm!

    Edit: I know of a simple way to play SMBC offline that does not involve editing the hosts file, running a server, or anything else. Does anyone have anything against me sharing this method?
    Last edited: Jan 19, 2014
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    When I loaded this page, you still had the method in your post. In fact, it still does, but the quotes are always up-to-date when you click Reply, while the post itself is never updated until the page is reloaded.
    I am trying to collect all the old versions of SMBC, and this would mean I would be able to play 3.0 and up without learning how to make a website (I know it's just copy-pasting code but hey). So I saved a link to the program you required to my Dropbox.
    Someone else found a way to remove the DRM using a hex editor at some point. They shared how they did it, and people complained. Because of that, I think removing the info was the right thing to do. :)
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    It's just a simple rule that keeps everyone happy:

    Know how to do it → keep it to yourself.

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