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Discussion in 'Features' started by Pgj6297, Dec 31, 2013.

  1. Pgj6297

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    I'm requesting an option for the "new game" section that allows you to change the engine to simulate other games. Here's a few idea:

    Super Mario Bros.: (default engine): You should probably know what this engine is already.
    Super Mario Bros. 2: Instead of stomping on enemies, Mario and Luigi must pick up the enimies by pressing the attack button and then press the attack button again throw them at other enemies. The Super Mushroom and Fire Flower must be picked up by pressing the attack button. Other characters cannot pick up enemies without the use of the "All Characters Can Stomp" cheat. Damage can only be dealt to Bowser while his mouth is open (this is how you defeated Wart in SMB2).
    Super Mario Bros 3: Mario and Luigi can hold Koopa and Buzzy Beetle shells (these sprites are present in the SMB3 and SMW skins according to the TCRF page.) Mario and Luigi also jump higher from a running jump. If any characters are at the flagpole, you get points when the player touches the flagpole (as opposed to them just disappearing)
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    These changes have already been requested.

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