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Discussion in 'Exploding Rabbit' started by aliceandsven, Dec 12, 2011.

  1. Faruga

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    seeing old posts and feeling my like-finger twitch
  2. Ølaf

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    Jällää everybody,

    First of all, I want to thank Jay Pavlina, Blaine Hanna and Zach Robinson. The game design is great, it's amazing to see the perseverance to improve and add characters to the world of Mario Bros.

    I knew Mario Bros is world famous, but references to this web page is not, I saw this game on youtube.

    Personally Contra character is what I liked. I spend hours playing. This kind of games have disappeared where there was a story, imagination, nowadays many games are only graphics and even inmoral.

  3. AndrossOfVenom9

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    Being able to look at adult stuff when you're still a teenager.
  4. JoMamma

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    that's the internet in general, dude.
  5. AndrossOfVenom9

    AndrossOfVenom9 Level 5: Spiny

    Not where I've been.
  6. doom

    doom Level -1: Banned

    we're the only ones that dont have you lie about your age.

    because i really dont give a fuck.
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  7. AndrossOfVenom9

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  8. Faruga

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    google fucking images
    EDIT: oh my god i love the double meaning in that
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  9. Pinkie Pie

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    Post after post after post after post of pictures of me and my friends?

    Where did they find the time to take all of those pictures, anyway...
  10. DarkBowser007

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    doom's totally safe for work signatures compared to the rest of us
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  11. BBQTurkeyzZ

    BBQTurkeyzZ Level 4: Buzzy Beetle

    being able to use my extensive knowledge of pokemon without all but one of my friends ignoring me
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