Exploding Rabbits

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    I'm not sure if I should make a new thread on this, but there we go. Merge if necessary.
    Remember the rabbit skin I made on Sonic Boll? Well, I ported it to SMBC. The only things I still need to do are the Hammer Bunnies and the Bowserrabbit.
    Exploding Rabbits.png
    For Sonic Boll, I made 2 walking sprites and 2 "inhale" sprites (because he could be in either walking pose). I made it so that he throws the Burnnies. Now, SMBC seems to be using the SMAS sprites on the base now, so more sprites are probably needed for the Bowserrabbit.
    Bowserrabbit sheet.png
    I couldn't tell the difference between the top and bottom Cheep Cheep. And I made the middle bunny fish green because of the green Cheep Cheep, but in the original SMB colours, it'd be the same grey as the others. I put some recolours in the Sonic Boll sheet:
    And to see what's what, check this (it's the Sonic Boll enemy base):
    Note that the B&W bunnies also have greyscale noses.
    This would make a great Easter Egg, wouldn't it? :D (And yes, the exploding one is the one in the browser.)
    I made a video of this on Sonic Boll to show Jay (he replied to say he and Iggy lol'd):
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