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Discussion in 'Characters' started by mateo3242, Jun 19, 2013.

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  1. mateo3242

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    i like finn the human in mario crossover
    he can fight with fists and kicks in all directions
    -and jump one time

    now with a mushroom he can:
    -he can fight with a sword the sword is more powerfull than fists and kicks
    -and he can jump two times
    His power ups are:

    root sword : a large and powerfull sword
    -combo moves: he can make combos
    -crown: he use the ice King Crown ang he can frezee enemies like samus not be charged with magical robe
    -magical robe: he use the magical rabe and he can throw green rays not be charger with ice crown
    -flame shield . can pass without danger in bowsers castle

    -BOMBS he can throw bombs

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  2. Nat

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    Okay heres my thoughts.
    1. This is a duplicate. Learn how to use the search bar.
    2. Those are fan sprites. We generally don't like those, except for skins.
    3. We kind of want game characters, not cartoon or anime characters.
    4. We would like a more detailed reason to why he should be in the game.
    5. FOR EVERYONE: NEVER USE I LIKE HIM AS ONE OF YOUR MAJOR REASONS. That is a pathetic and stupid reason.
    EDIT: Put your Finn thoughts here: http://www.explodingrabbit.com/forum/threads/finn-the-human-from-adventure-time.16332/
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