Request Frogger : The original Urban ninja/Jumpman in the game history!

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    JAGUARHX Level 2: Koopa

    *Konami’s FROGGER

    Graphics version Castlevania’s Frog:


    -Smash enemies: press Down arrow in the air.

    -Long jump: hold Jump button

    -double jump

    -triple jump

    -Frogger can climbing and walking walls and roofs, like Ninja Gaiden and Sophia 3.

    Attack: Tong backlash attack. With this move, is possible get itens (like a hand) in anothers places (can ultrapass some walls/obstacle)

    -Mushroom item: Giant Frogger (bigger like Super Mario! IN the really is the great frog’s graphics from Castlevania games)

    -Fire Flower item: Fire Red Frog (red color) with flame tong attacks and fire balls (Press ‘’C’’ button + Up arrow)

    -Item ammo: bombs/grenades in the Frog’s walks (He don’t will through this grenades)

    -Ending: Frogger find your great love , the Miss Frog


    *Arcade /Atari Frogger

    *Frogger Hyper Arcade Edition (Android):

    *Frogger (Frogger Adventure, Game Boy Advanced)

    *K.O (KnockOut) the Mouse Hero from ‘’Little Samson/Seirei Densetsu LICKLE’’(NES/Famicom)


    *YOSHI (Little and alone) ?
  2. Faruga

    Faruga Level 12: Super Mod

    It looks like a wall of text, but your Return key is just broken.
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    JAGUARHX Level 2: Koopa

    Something like that. :)

    But, is better You and Me Return to Topic subject: the Frogger.

    Somebody have a sugestion about this character? Like a new skin/alternative char using this playability/mechanic ? This will be more interesting and upgrade the idea: transforming this concept in a possible new char! Do you like new chars in Super Mario Crossovers? Or not?

    Obs; Yes, my friends. My english is bad and sad. I am brazilian (nobody is perfect,but i am very happy with this!) :)
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  4. Psychotix

    Psychotix Level 3: Paratroopa

    This would honestly be a great idea!
  5. aliceandsven

    aliceandsven Level 9: Spike Top

    You guys were asked pretty plainly to stay on topic, please respect that.
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  6. Psychotix

    Psychotix Level 3: Paratroopa

    Why not give Frogger a PacMan skin? It might seem silly but so is a Tetrinimo for Sophia III.
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    JAGUARHX Level 2: Koopa

    Huuummm... Good idea, Psychotix. :) This way, is possible make two great and classics arcade/atari characters in 1. Only need make/edit this attack (tong attack) in Pac.
  8. Psychotix

    Psychotix Level 3: Paratroopa

    And while we're at it, Ms. Pac Man could become a skin as well. We could also make a baby Yoshi from Super Mario World into another skin as well. I emphasize BABY Yoshi, because an adult Yoshi, would be far too large for the character, as I imagine.

    EDIT: And if the Atari 2600 themes are coming in 3.0, it would be simple to utilize both Mr. and Mrs. Pac-Man's skins from the Atari 2600 games.
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    JAGUARHX Level 2: Koopa

    I like your ideas, my friend. I like the Ms Pac idea and The Baby Yoshi is perfect. My idea is like that: little/’’ chiby’’ characters from platform games and anothers classics ‘’non-exactly platforms’’. All in 1 : Frogger! (Sorry… my English is very bad , man)

    *News Frogger’s ‘’ skins/alternative characters’’ ideas:

    -Toe Jam and Earl (Toe Jam & Earl 1)
    -Furries (Fury of Furries – Amiga)


    -Fred (The Kane’s mutant frog from ‘’ Blaster Master’’)
    -Kane Gardner/Jason Frudnick The (Sophia 3 Metalfighter’s Pilots from ‘’ Blaster Master/Metafight)

    -Kid Chameleon in ‘’Micromax the human-fly’’ form! The smaller form of Chameleon Kid!
    -Mario in ‘’Frog Suit’’

    -Bomberman/Dyna Blaster
    -Bubble Bobble’ little dinossaurs

    -Pengo/Penta from Sega:

    -Benefactor (Amiga)

    -Jerry (Tom & Jerry- NES version or ‘’Tom&Jerry-Frantic Antics’’ from Mega Drive version)
    -Qwak (Amiga)

    -‘’the little Humans’’ from Populous (Like a joke character?)

    -Blue Birdie Flicky (‘’Flicky’’ from Sega Arcade and Master System version)

    -Little yellow Birdie from ‘’New Zealand story’’)

    -Cavemen from ‘’UGH!’’ ( Amiga)

    -Ghosts from Pac-man: Ink; Blink; Pink; Clyde

    -Alien Invaders (‘’Space Invaders’’ series)

    -Galaga Aliens ( ‘’Galaxian/Galaga/Galplus/Attack of Zolgear’’ series)

    -Mech’s Pilots: Unknown soldier; Rex; Jake ; Albert (from games : ‘’Metal Warrior’’; ‘’Target earth /Assault suit Leynos‘ ;’Cybernator/Assault Suit Valken’’; ‘’Front Mission: Gun Hazard’’ to SNES and Mega Drive)

    Remember: ONLY the pilots. If, in the future, a new version of Sophia 3 have the power of ''eject your pilot'' is very interesting make this Mechs like a new extra Sophia 3' skin/alternative chars. What do you think about?
    (Oh... bad english! Sorry... i am killing your language with my fingers. Hehehehe)

    Edit: a new sugestion:
    * Super Arabian (NES):

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