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Discussion in 'Game' started by TurretBot, Nov 6, 2015.

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    I forget where, but I know that I read somewhere on this forum, from Jay, that SMBC was crashing the editor because of all the skins and sounds which made the game too heavy.

    I don't know about Flash, but couldn't you just package the game with the SMB skin and load the rest directly from the site? I mean, all the skin graphics are hosted here, they don't need to be pre-packaged... unless they do. You can do it in Lua, so I assume you can probably do it in Flash as well, but again I wouldn't know about that.

    Same goes for music (except that they aren't hosted here, to my knowledge)
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    That actually sounds like an incredibly neat idea. It would probably be a fairly sizeable task, but still very neat. I don't have any experience with Flash, but I know it already gets data for the news ticker off the site, but I don't know whether Flash can use said data as a sprite.
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    Yeah I was planning to do that but didn't get to it. It takes a long time to do if you don't set it up that way from the beginning.
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