Great Giana Crossover!!

Discussion in 'Characters' started by Thunderlina3237, Apr 18, 2015.


Should Giana and Maria be in smb crossover?

  1. Yes!! Of course!!

  2. No Way!!

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  3. What is Great Giana Sisters??

  1. Thunderlina3237

    Thunderlina3237 Level 0: Newbie

    Hey, I was just think maybe Giana and Maria from the great giana sister's for the C64 could join in the fun? GGS is a very popular game, after all.
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  2. BBQTurkeyzZ

    BBQTurkeyzZ Level 4: Buzzy Beetle

    SMBC is no longer in active development, so it would be unlikely. I also have no idea what that is so I'm not sure if it would work or not right now lol
  3. Rey D

    Rey D Level 12: Super Mod

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