How about NOT allowing characters stamp enemy?

Discussion in 'Characters' started by wingfin, Mar 18, 2011.

  1. Rey D

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    → I'm posting for a last time because I'm losing my time.
    Your theory is that Goombas have soft heads.

    But if their heads are actually FREAKING HARD?
    What if Maria was wearing special shoes that was given to him by the Mushroom Kingdom king? Mario's shoes have a special power that chimically reacts with Goombas, making them flat then disappear. Other characters having got those special shoes, so they can't touch Goombas, whose texture burn the crap out of them with acid.
  2. Omicron

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    You are right, canonically goombas have really hard heads. On Paper Mario, one of your companions is a goomba, and he attacks by jumping into enemies with his head.
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  3. Mitewing

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    There should be three options for the cheat. Only Mario/Luigi can stomp, Everyone can stomp, and Nobody can stomp.
  4. Rey D

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    → Thanks! :D Now that I think about it, they charge you in Super Smash Brothers Melee.
  5. TheomanZero

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    I don't know about that last one. I think that not being able to stomp as the Mario Bros. would be too hard. Most of the time, it's their only form of attack, plus it's pretty much their signature move.
  6. Mitewing

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    It would be like the original Mario Bros and add an additional challenge.

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