How to Make a Movie (or Short Film)

Discussion in 'Exploding Rabbit' started by Jay, Oct 10, 2010.

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  2. I can't thank you enough for writing that article good sir, I feel it's opened my eyes and heart to understanding of great creations. I think if i ever make a video and it's loved and adored. I'm going to thank you. and say it couldn't have been done without you.
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    I haven't it read it all yet, (it's very long, and when I read to learn, I read.... VERY VERY VERY SLOW) but it's nice to have, if I make a video. I'll put you in the credits for sure. but I don't know how I put you in there. but ... yeah how would I give proper thanks to you in credits?
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    There's no need to give me credit, but if you want to, you'd probably just put it under 'Special Thanks'. I do that in a lot of my videos.
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    yeah, will do, thank you Mr. Jay Pavlina, you're the best!
  6. I decided, to read all of what you wrote. and i did, and it was very nice. thanks again for all the help. it took me so long to read it all. because I was trying to take it super seriously. that way i didn't forget little details. it's highly informative. and I'll be buying a mic in a bout 4 to 5 days. :D kyoo's gonna make a video of some sort. (what type of videos can kyoo make with only a mic and no camera)<--- a hint to what I'm doing.
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    it's nice to be reminded on all the stuff that happens in the meantime. sometimes, as an actor, it is good to be reminded about that. the only thing i wasn't quite sure on was resorting to craigslist for casting. there are a lot of fake auditions on craigslist so i know i personally don't look for work there.
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    Use Final Cut Pro on Macs and Mini DV cameras and tape decks. Then all you need is practice to gain experience. You can take shots or "cuts" of the short film materials scenes in any order and then put the tape in the tape deck to rip the material to final cut pro and organize and modify it. I made a music video for my band this way.
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    I'll put you in the credits for sure. but I don't know how I put you in there. [​IMG]

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