How to Play Flash Games with a Gamepad

Flash games can be played with a gamepad by using keyboard emulation software

  1. Jay

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  2. I use a program called motioninjoy for my PS3 on a 64bit system, anyway. it comes with function to set it up with the keyboard, or have it be a gamepad. but motioninjoy only works with 360 and PS3 controllers. but it does make it super simple. although windows vista 64 has to be put in test mode to use it and have it work. and that's something i didn't know how to do. but I found out how to do it with help from a goolgle search.
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  3. Simon Belmont

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    I have a Dell Inspiron and I have an X-BOX 360 controller. How do I hook the controller up?
  4. I can't answer that unless you say what operation system you have. yes it actualy does matter. and yes it even matters if it's 64 or 32 bit. so please say everything. and I might be able to help you. or Jay might. I think he has a 360 controller. but it's different for XP, Vista, and 7.
  5. Simon Belmont

    Simon Belmont Level 4: Buzzy Beetle

    An "Inspiron | 1501".
  6. an Inspiron is not an operation system it is the type of computer, the computer I had was an Inspiron, but it had windows XP on it. do you understand?

    like the computer I'm on right now (not mine but I'm using it) is an Inspiron 530S, and it's OS is Windows Vista 64
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  7. Simon Belmont

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    Yeah, I don't know.

    first of all go there,

    then go here

    get joy to key, it's free,

    but you don't seem to know a lot about computers. so you might need help.

    I use a PS3 controller. so I don't know how I could help you. , i can't tell you with exacts on how to do things. but i have worked with Joytokey before. so I might not have the exact answers. but I believe i could help you with a general understanding of how that program works.
  9. Jeff

    Jeff Level 3: Paratroopa

    I use "Joy to Key" and it works perfectly. I also play with the actual NES controller! Or the SNES controller, for characters that need three buttons. I got the adapters from I actually bought the adapters that convert NES/SNES to Gamecube, and I have a Gamecube to USB converter to get them to work with the computer. That's unnecessarily convoluted if you don't have a Gamecube or Wii to play classic games on, but I use it for the computer and the Wii, so it works pretty well. Nothing more awesome than playing Super Mario Bros Crossover with an actual NES pad, though!
  10. I have to use Joy2key myself, it seems that my microsoft security updated disabled my other one. but oh well. i can still use MY PS3 controller. that's all that really matters
  11. nightrazer

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    I use an xbox360/pc controller. Logitec chillstream and it has worked fine for years with a lot
    of emulation and its nice to see its use in the flash. i some minor problems setting up since some keys couldnt
    be found and if i reset the keys and did my keyassings to the controller then nothing works. but hey.. its trail and error..
    and it works good enough now. i've had similar problems before in various emulators.
    I used Joy2key and i hope i will work on my linux debian system as well. since it got X Y B A buttons it makes in easier when toled "press B button".

    Windows Vista 64
    3GB ram
    dualcore 1.9ghz
    Asus Laptop
    radeon HD3200
  12. Faruga

    Faruga Level 12: Super Mod

    If I somehow manage to get Bluetooth for my Acer home computer, I'll get Darwiin Remote and play with mah Wii Remote.
  13. Faruga

    Faruga Level 12: Super Mod

    Wait, isn't Darwiin Remote for Mac?
    Then what's good for a Windows XP Professional?
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  14. Jose Chapa

    Jose Chapa Level 6: Lakitu

    i figured it out, glovePIE is what you need to download to use a wiimote on a pc, its pretty easy and simple. the only thing you need is bluetooth for your pc (wiimotes send messages through bluetooth)
  15. Faruga

    Faruga Level 12: Super Mod

    I thought you read the Info For Newcomers...
    Basically, that's double posting.
    No double posting.
    Anyway, thanks - if I ever get Bluetooth for this computer...
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  16. phineusbright247

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    thanx guys....this was helpful....using my ps3 controller with joy2key to play all the games that i loved......these games are so much better than bigger games....and the controller just adds to the exprnce.........
  17. Faruga

    Faruga Level 12: Super Mod

    You're welcome. :) Also, would you like to be a human being?
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  18. Tdog

    Tdog Level 0: Newbie

    Need help getting my PS3 controller to work.

    Have Windows 7

    So I downloaded joytokey

    Plugged in my PS3 controller (the computer knows it).

    Trying to map out the keys on my PS3 controller..

    Now I'm not sure what to do...
  19. Faruga

    Faruga Level 12: Super Mod

    Try setting them to random buttons and testing them in SMBC.
  20. BassWins

    BassWins Level 6: Lakitu

    Does qjoypad work with Wii Mote? Just wondering.... if not I'll just use my USB SNES controller.

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