I give some suggestion for this game. Hope it to accept that.

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    I have been played for this game for a long time. I just think that have a lot of playing point. But I have got some suggestion for officials to accept that:
    1. Master Higgins (A character for NES in Adventure Island) can be added into the game. Because the game's source, Adventure Island, can suitable for make into the Super MarioBros. Crossover.
    2. Add two difficulties for KID and INSANE. Because INSANE difficulty can be made it likely for CatMario, too many traps and trickies. KID difficulty can be more time to finish a stage.
    3. Add a level editor. Because many of the imitate Mario's game have got level editor can let the player make levels and share to play.
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    smbc is no longer in development, right now jay is focusing on operation pyxel.
    any pitched ideas have a very low chance of making it into the game at this point
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