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    That's right folks...just recently joined the forums, and no! I didn't request Sonic yet again as other newcomers have...but a new intriguing idea! A character that would require a stretch of imagination and creativity! A character that is popular, and renown for his gawdy lawyer tactics in Phoenix Wright : Ace Attorney (Gyakuten Saiben).

    First off, you may be asking how the HAMBURGER would a lawyer work in this game?! Well, the defense is ready to present their interpretation of the character. (I think..)

    Starting Attributes-

    Z - Jump (Nothing special about jumping)
    X - "Hold It!"
    Sound clip of the "Hold It!" audio clip plays (at a lower but audible level then it is normally), and Phoenix creates a speech bubble saying "Hold It!" at close range, and does low damage
    C - Calls out Maya who runs out onto the screen and throws a hamburger in a general direction

    Item 1-
    Mushroom (Replaced with a random sprite of "Evidence", which could be either an Autopsy Report, Knife, Finger Print duster, or a pixelated Photograph)

    Sprite Effects - None
    Z - Jump
    X - "Take That!"
    Similar attributes to "Hold it!", but is stronger than "Hold it!", has wider hit range, and higher damage
    C - Calls out Maya who will give Phoenix evidence that he has collected

    Autopsy Report - Electrical Shock Effect at medium damage, close range
    Knife - Sword attributes at low damage
    Fingerprint Duster - Puffs of smoke that stun enemies and do low hit damage
    Photograph - Enemies become self-conscious, and avoid Phoenix for a short period of time

    Item 2-
    More Evidence (The fireflower would be scrapped in place of more varying pieces of evidence)

    Special Attribute : When the player collects all pieces of evidence (Listed above), the next ? box they will find will be a star, or they can press C to call out Maya with a "star" (However once the star is used, the boxes will become evidence, and they cannot use it again.)

    Item 3-
    Attorney's Badge (Star, lasts a bit more longer than the average time with a star)

    Sprite Effects - He will flash bright colors, akin to Mario with a star, and always be pointing his finger in a general direction
    Z- Phoenix will jump extra high while pointing his finger in a general direction
    X- "Objection!"
    Similar to "Hold it!" and "Take That!", but has widest range (Half-screen) and is instant death to almost everything it touches
    C- Phoenix will shoot psychological lasers out of his finger (goes off-screen, High damage)

    Proposed sprite(s):

    (First two are Phoenix, the rest are others drawn out from the cast of the game)

    Overworld/Star Theme




    Downsides to the character-

    Lack of sprites, there would have to be a decent amount of work in the artwork department to get a character like this, he can't simply be ripped from a game.

    Complexity of the character, I'm no programmer but from my perspective, it wouldn't be too easy to implement my ideas into the game. If there's anyone who feels differently please comment below

    Comments/Suggestions/Rates/Approval? Objection!
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  2. aliceandsven

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    Thank you so much... this is an excellent post. I'm not sure what the chances are of good ol' Phoenix Wright making it in, but we can dream :D
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  3. Zyborg

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    Considering the Skins system, if Wright isn't added as a character, I'm definitely going to try to add him as a skin!
  4. Faruga

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    Especially since they look a bit like edited Mega Man (not a complaint or anything). :)
  5. GamingsCupofJoe

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    Phoenix Wright should definetly be in! I't would be awesome! I would play as him just so when I get a star I could hear "OBJECTION!"

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