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    This is the trouble I was afraid of with skinning iconic characters such as Pit. It's why I hope certain icons make it as they're own. Assuming games like Castlevania which include gameplay clones of the base character with new names and different looks. EX: Simon,Trevor,Christopher,Richter,John,Juste,ECT.,ECT.. But then you come across unique characters some may be from the same series lets look at some more Castlevania examples Sypha,Grant,Alucard,Maria,Eric,ECT.,ECT..

    With Pit as a Samus skin there are many arguments like should he do this and why doesn't he do that. It will happen sometimes unless skins are direct gameplay clones like Proto Man for Mega Man and the Belmont clan some might seem out of place like John Morris if added will probably have the generic cross and not the crystal boomerang from Bloodlines. Bill and Lance are the same. But Pit is totally different from Samus. I saw a similar thread for Peach and Toad. So if skins are gonna work we need to accept inaccuracies once in a while. Like with when it comes to Christine from Arkista's ring if added for a Link skin there won't be no fireballs or stun magic but at least I may have a chance to play as Christine as a Link skin. I played as Pit last night and he played fine to me at least he don't roll into a ball with morph ball.
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    I disagree -- Metroid and Kid Icarus used the same engine, remember. Pit's "crouch-moving" is just re-use of the Morph Ball code, for instance. And I wouldn't be surprised to hear that the Wave Beam is just a slightly modified Fire Arrow, or vice-versa. This is the reason Pit works so well as a Samus skin. He's not exactly the same, but he's close enough that everyone should be satisfied.
    Someone brought this up before for Trevor . . . couldn't we just use the Famicom music for the 8-bit skin? It's 8-bit music, after all. Personally, I believe we should use Famicom music whenever possible, as it's higher-quality.
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    I'm not sure we should use Famicom music whenever possible. Just because it's higher quality doesn't mean it should be used over the more familiar NES music. Maybe in a few cases (e.g., we are already using Kid Icarus' Famicom music), but for the most part I'm thinking we should stick with what's familiar to people. Most people playing SMBC may very well not even know that the Famicom music is higher quality and they'll think we've got the music wrong or it's messed up or something.
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    Then I guess it won't work if the 8 bit is switched to NES music if a 16 bit skin is added then?
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    Not really. There wouldn't be enough of a difference (most people didn't know we used the FDS music for Kid Icarus).
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    I actually didn't notice. Truth be told, I've never played the NES version, as I had no real interest in Kid Icarus until Uprising came out, and the 3D Classics version uses the Famicom music.
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    >just plain remixes
    >doesn't even try to sound like SNES

    I kinda doubt that'd be possible.
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    I agree, the music doesn't exactly sound like SNES, and is likely not SPC format, which is what it would have to be in order to be useable.
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    I didn't listen to the music too closely. That's okay though since it isn't 16 bit
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    Putting this here to discuss further:


    Bow: Allows Pit to shoot arrows a short distance. Pit begins with this.

    Arrows: Primary offensive weapon. Pit begins with this.
    Damage: 100

    Mushroom: Gives Pit one extra hit point. Gives Pit the Sacred Bow which increases distance Arrows travel.

    Arrow of Strength: Increases damage done by Arrows. Maximum Arrows of Strength held: 4. Obtained from defeated enemies. Strength is only lost when Pit dies. Arrows are obtained in the following order:
    Bronze Arrows: Damage: 150
    Silver Arrows: Damage: 200
    Gold Arrows: Damage: 250
    Sacred Arrows: Damage: 300

    Mallet: Secondary, short range weapon. Armor piercing. Obtained from defeated enemies. Maximum amount held: 20. Damage: 400.

    Fire Arrow: Can be collected as Powerup after obtaining Mushroom. Adds a spinning fireball around each Arrow that Pit shoots with his Bow. The fireball itself causes as much damage as the Arrow but it only disappears if the Arrow itself impacts an enemy, thus making it very useful for thinning out crowds. Pit loses item if he loses Mushroom.

    Crystal Wand: When obtained, a pair of twin crystals rotate quickly around Pit, providing a physical barrier that damages enemies who approach him. Each crystal deals damage equal to Pit's current strength. Despite it's usefulness, quick enemies can still slip between the crystals and damage Pit. Also, Bowser, armored enemies, and projectiles are not affected by crystals at all. Pit loses item if he loses Mushroom.

    Harp: Powerup that turns all on-screen enemies into slow-falling Mallets, even affecting those who enter the screen during the short-lived effect.

    Arrow of Light: Arrow beam that pierces through everything in its way, enemy or object alike. The downside is that Pit can only launch one arrow at a time; he cannot fire again until the previous arrow has disappeared. Pit cannot carry the Fire Arrow if he picks up the Arrow of Light, and vice versa. Damage based on current Strength of Arrows.

    Mirror Shield: Item that reflects Bowser's fire attack back towards him. If Shield is hit with Hammers or any enemy, it will shatter and cause Pit to lose Mushroom. Pit will lower his shield when firing Arrows.

    Wings of Pegasus: Powerup that allows limited flight. To use, the jump button has to be repeatedly pressed like the Famicom version. It would use a hover meter similar to SOPHIA III. The meter would look like Pit's Life Meter in the original game

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