Ideas for Mario Crossover(Modernative Mode)

Discussion in 'Game' started by biriikn, Jan 19, 2015.

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    I feel something is really needed so here my ideas goes
    Mario and Luigi Updates
    + Mario and Luigi can will be Control Their speed little,but except luigi cause he have big jump,he less control speed than mario
    + Mario and Luigi can will be stomp-big jump while holding jump button,as other characters can't !
    + Mario and Luigi can pick other upgrades from mario forever things
    Link Updates
    + Red boomerang upgrade,that trought all enemies with stun them and doesn't pick poison mushroom !
    + Should make a character do less damage to bows,more damage to bombs
    + Should make a character do less damage to bombs,damage with boomerang
    Samus Updates
    + Missille can spend for morph ball mines,that mines will pierce armor and do more damage like missille
    + Make Dark Samus ability to more damage with misille,less damage to mines
    + Make Zero suit and Jesus suit to more speed but little controlless
    Simon Updates
    + Add Throwing Hammer from hammer bros,similar to axe it does absorbs fireballs and hammers but less range
    + Whip should strike corners if staying ground *left up,left down,right up,right down*
    Megaman Updates
    + Add Elecman,Charge buster always,Charged shots deal double damage,Can't use normal shots without mushroom,Double knockback
    + Add Gutsman,Super arm instead to buster,he can use super arm agasist goomba,turtle and buzzy beetle,Less knockback,He's slow
    Bass Updates
    + Add Zero,Saber instead to buster,he jumps more,can't do double jump
    + Saber Weapon update/for zero its buster
    Bill Updates
    + Can will be easy jump like simon
    + Can will be pick up Rapid 5 times
    a) 3th rapid does more fast than before
    b) 4th rapid does 1 more flare,%50 more big laser and 4 shot more to machine gun
    c) 5th rapid does 2 more flare,%100 more big laser, 8 shot and extreme speed to machine gun and 1 shot more to spread( he can do 3 times to spread 3x5 = 15)
    + Maybe he can't take mushroom but he can get kevlar,it will protect him 1 times and protects his weapons
    Ryu Updates
    + Ninja Gaiden 1 and 2 sub weapons will changed to Ninja Gaiden 3
    + Now Ryu and Skins Starts with Windmill Shuriken
    Sophia Updates
    + Sophia always have hover but less fuel without mushroom
    + Can will be climp walls but not with cell climp

    Hope everyone like and this modernative updates will live !
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    This can't possibly be what you mean.
  3. biriikn

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    How about at all ?
  4. BouéTonLait

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    The grammar is real, but don't worry, it can will be fixed easily.
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