If Flash gets dropped completely, here is what I suggest

Discussion in 'Exploding Rabbit' started by Tsukiyomaru0, Dec 24, 2015.

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    So, as we know, Adobe is going to kill Flash (probably for some dumb reason, because even Sun's Java keeps going on and on), and eventually there will be a need to move into something new... I only know of two choices, but I have a bit of argument to present about them:

    Unity -
    It's excelent, has a lot of functions, flexible and, from what I have seen, can be ported to Android. However, avoid making it strictly Unity Web. There are persisting issues with Unity Web where it simply "locks", the application ceases to work but the browser works normally. Even so, if you do give the choice of "play in web or play offline", this is certainly a much better alternative than Flash. There are plenty good applications of Unity and my first experience with it was a HALO clone by Gameloft named Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance Elite.

    HTML5 - Avoid as if it is the plague! My previous experiences with HTML5 showed it is inconsistent with framerate, eats RAM and is unfriendly for offline playing (possibly the only choice being to save whole page). I only ever found ONE good HTML5 game that was worth playing, even then it is rather obscure on Newgrounds. The others however? Generic Idle games and one tech demo for a game that was Kickstarted.
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    flash has like 1500 security holes found every month i'm honestly not surprised it's going

    i'd go with unity
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    I doubt it has that many security holes, but having a proper security in your system prevents a lot. I still remember the dark days that one could inject a trojan through a photo and 4chan was hot spot for sharing this trojan.

    But, yeah, Unity seems the way to go, and would also open door for a mobile port. Who knows, perhaps it could even allow for full customization on PC!
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