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    Indiana Jones, one of the most well-known action-adventure heroes in the history of American Movies.
    But in the world of video gaming, this character has had very mixed success.
    Some of his games were good and some of them were just bad and notorious for being too difficult and/or hard to figure out because of poor design.

    But with some curious searching, high and low, I've uncovered a lost gem that never got the attention it deserved AND would be excellent material for Super Mario Bros. Crossover.


    The three item slots next to Indy's Life counter indicates what he's carrying on him and also doubles as his health bar.
    Indy can take up to three hits when he has a Hat and a Weapon.


    1st slot: Indy's Current Weapon
    2nd Slot: Indy's Hat
    3rd Slot: Special Item (Does not protect Indy)

    ==Indy's Items==
    Unarmed: Indy's most vulnerable state as he can only throw a very short-ranged punch.
    Unless Indy finds a weapon or a hat, the next enemy hit will kill him.

    Whip: Indy's default weapon. Longer range than the punch.

    Knife: Throwing weapon that slowly falls to the ground.

    Rock: Throwing weapon that quickly falls but bounces. Good for hitting enemies that are below you.
    Press Up to throw the Rock at enemies above Indy.

    Grenade: Throwing weapon that quickly falls but explodes on contact. Press up to throw the Grenade at enemies above Indy.

    Dynamite: Throwing weapon that bounces and explodes after a few seconds. Essentially a combination of the rock and grenade. Press Up to throw the Dynamite at enemies above Indy.

    Revolver: Shoots a single Bullet that flies straight ahead.

    Rifle: Lets Indy shoot up to three Bullets.

    Mauser C96: The best gun weapon. Fires four bullets rapidly.

    Gold Bars: A bundle of three Gold Ingots. Collecting 100 gives Indy an extra life.

    Hat: Lets Indy take a hit without losing his current weapon. Picking up another Hat gives Indy an extra life.

    Statuette: Special Item that freezes enemies for a few seconds.

    Torch: Special Item that illuminates the darkness for several seconds.

    Amulet: Special Item that temporarily protects Indy from damage.

    +Indy can crawl through areas that are only one block high.
    +Indy always respawns with a Whip as he is very helpless with no Items and only his bare fists.
    +Indy can push objects out of the way, allowing him to uncover hidden areas or to use the pushable object as a weapon against enemies.
    +Indy can take up to three Hits when he has a Hat and a Weapon.
    -Indy has no swimming animation.
    -Indy will die instantly if he touches Spikes, unless he has Invincibility.
    -Indy is limited to one jump.
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    does indiana jones have an nes game?
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    There's no way this isn't a duplicate, but it's certainly the best Indiana Jones thread thus far.
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    There were four Indiana Jones games for the NES.
    These Sprites that I gathered are from the ONLY good Indiana Jones game for the NES.
    The other three were just downright awful.
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