Jay Talks Back - Episode 1

Discussion in 'Exploding Rabbit' started by Jay, Jul 16, 2010.

  1. Jay

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  2. J Squared

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    Part 1 is cool but Parts 2 and 3 are repetitive and they suck. Why bother watching something I've already watched in Part 1? It's just more of the same you Lajoiean bastard.

    (for those not in on the joke, the above is a friendly in-joke jab and is not to be taken seriously at all)

    On a more serious note, though, I agree with you on almost everything and I'm not just saying that to suck up. Your responses to the criticism are very laid-back and reasonable, you seem like a very real person, and your relationship advice is excellent. It continues to freak me out with how similar we are. I even stared at the Winamp Visualizer for a few hours while, uh, under certain influences. It's hypnotic.

    I don't know why people say you're an Angry Video Game Nerd (AVGN) ripoff, I've watched lots of AVGN and the comparison never occurred to me. I suppose they've seen only you and AVGN swear at video games so they therefore conclude "swearing at video games" is some completely original idea pioneered by Internet trailblazer AVGN and that anyone who does so is a ripoff. It reminded me of the early days of the Internet, where anyone who ranted at anything would be called a Maddox ripoff.
  3. I really enjoyed how you handled this situation. it's not too often that you see respect on the interent and these 3 videos were loaded with respect. if I had to judge you, I'd say you were a very respectful and thoughtful person. but then again, I don't know you, I'm just making up a judgment based on your bio page, your videos and your forum post.

    I think the main problem with the net is, the lack of emotional attachment. I mean you're not talking to somebody. you're talking to a camera. and the responders aren't talking to you. their typing their thoughts on a video. and in the mix, it seems people often forget that it's not just a video. that there is an actual human inside the video... blah blah blah.... I don't even care about what I'm writing. blah blah blah... good videos

    PS. I loved your relationship advise
  4. J Squared

    J Squared Level 7: Bloober

    As an addendum to my last post I also wanted to comment that I also agreed with your commentary about the swearing. I think some people are taught something like, "swearing is bad," and they just never question what they're taught. I feel that it's not swearing that's bad, but the malicious intent that sometimes accompanies it. You can swear in every sentence you speak, and be a nicer person than some other malicious asshole who never speaks a curse word in his or her life.
  5. I completely 100% agree with everything you just said. I've told that to several people in my life time (most of the people I told was when I lived in Alabama, where nobody says bad words ever, but they get in your business and treat you like shit for being an indivisual)
  6. uglyrodent

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    Grammar obssessive much? :joy:
    I just thought that part of the video was funny. Not sure why,

    I don't feel the need to congratulate you on the points you made. They were good, but you know what they are. I agree with you on stuff. Let's leave it at that.

    I really just wanted to thank you for commenting on how nonsensical bigotry is.
  7. this video (all 3 of them as one) and j squared always bringing up collage humor

    reminded me of this video

    so I share

    EDIT: embed doesn't work

  8. J Squared

    J Squared Level 7: Bloober

    This is and has always been one of my favorite CollegeHumor videos. It's a classic that easily makes my top 5 list and I want to thank you for reposting it so that I can watch it again.
  9. Ganymede

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    Words to live by much?

    Sometimes advice given to a mass of people becomes bizarrely applicable to specific individuals, and I kinda felt that vibe watching these. It was really funny, empowering, and even uplifting at some points, and I've certainly taken it to heart.

    Additionally, for a sort of impromptu, on the spot solution, the monitor idea was pretty clever. You avoided the pale wash generally associated with monitor proximity by balancing it with natural lighting, to great effect. Bravo.

    Kudos as well for perhaps the most intense utterance of DTMF I've ever heard. I think it would be cool to have a friendly competition where members of the forums post little movie-ettes in which they incorporate DTMF in the most creative or intense way they can. We could call it the Fuck Off, or something.

    The next release, by the way, should be SMBC 8.4, just to confuse the shit out of people. Maybe don't even call it Super Mario Bros. Crossover. Imploding Rabbit presents: Stephen King's The Long Walk V9.1315! I've strayed too far.
  10. Jay

    Jay Level 13: ER Team

    You guys are cool. I appreciate the nice comments. And that College Humor video was awesome too.

    By the way, this is the first time I tried to incorporate some of my philosophy into my videos. And I'm glad people still found it entertaining. Eventually, I will probably have an entire show/channel dedicated to teaching stuff because I have a lot of specialized knowledge that I'd like to share.

    But yeah, I'm really glad you guys enjoyed the video. Now I need to stop spending all of my time making videos and get back to working on the fucking game!
  11. c2456

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    ur making a new one ?
  12. z0diak

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    What? NOOOO.
    It's time for us to see your impressions.
  13. TskNelson

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    I always thought that the reason people sent insults over the internet was because if they did it in real life, this would happen:


  14. I knew he wasn't going to die. I could tell by the color of his shirt!

    I'd hate to wear a red shirt in that time of the future.
  15. TskNelson

    TskNelson Level 3: Paratroopa

    Oh and also, about that dude who got aroused from your videos, it's like Yahtzee once said, "You always feel uneasy posting videos on the internet because you know at least one person is touching themselves to it."
    Ok, he probably said something far more vulgar than that, but you get the gist of it.

  16. I'm thinking maybe I should get a web cam so I can make some youtube videos :D that sounds awesome.
  17. J Squared

    J Squared Level 7: Bloober

    Fun fact: Yahtzee actually used to post at a forum to which I went. He mostly posted in the YCS subforum, to my recollection, and as I mostly steered clear of it I didn't see him too much. I think his girlfriend posted there too, and I think she's his ex-girlfriend now. Small Internet, isn't it?
  18. fire sonic power

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    People like that thinks its cool to insult somebody like you Jay because you created a cool game and that kind of makes you i-Famous somehow. People just take the chance to insult you because its just text and they would never have the guts to say stuff like that in the real life; well at least not in your face but you get the point. I myself have done that sometimes but I never cross the line between vandalizim and inmorality.

    You took all that like a real man and told some stuff in their faces (Kind of like your own Downward Thrust Motherfucker to them to shut the fuck up) But know this "The more popular you get the more haters and fans you will receive, so be ready" ;)
  19. being famous is a token , I could go into some Buddhist explanation of yin and yang on how the back of the coin exist because the front of it does. but I won't the point is. Famous is the same as infamous.

    if one exist, so does the other. and it exist because the other one exist. the creation of one, has a negative that is created with it. a nothingness that doesn't exist. without the thing that now exist... blah blah.

    I can't write philosophical things when I need to smoke. my brains like FEED ME! and I can't think beyond the screaming.
  20. Spez

    Spez Level 2: Koopa

    You're pronunciation of "lol" and subsequent "or, (real laughter)" in video 3 made me lol.

    I agree with J []'d that you seem real. There's some evil plan behind that so I'm still skeptical. Seriously though, I was entertained by those videos. Feel free to make more of those instead of working on the game, as 1.1 will keep me busy for a long while anyway. If your real passion is filmmaking, go for it!

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