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    Kenshiro, successor of Hokuto Shinken (Big Dipper Fist)

    Okay, down to the business: Kenshiro is the protagonist of Hokuto no Ken/Fist of the North Star, as some may already know. And, as many anime, manga or sentai from those years, Hokuto no Ken had several games to account.
    Four on NES (Hokuto no Ken 2 released overseas as Fist of the North Star), three on SNES, one on GB (released overseas as Fist of the North Star), one on Sega Mark III/Sega Master System (Released overseas as the munched and spat "Blackbelt") and one on Sega Genesis (released overseas as Last Battle).
    Aside from HnK 3 and 4, and perhaps one from SNES (who were all RPGs), the other games are 2D sidescrollers or fighting games. Those, however, didn't get ripped much. But I'll show you links that leads to sprites that were ripped:
    Hokuto no Ken 1 - NES
    Hokuto no Ken 6 - SNES
    Hokuto no Ken/Last Battle - Genesis
    Blackbelt - Mark III

    And two characters playable in Jump Ultimate Superstar (DS, Jap):

    How Kenshiro's controls could be:
    Move: Directionals
    Jump: Jump Button, obviously. Could have a second jump.
    Attack/Run: Punches. Cannot run.
    Special Attack: Kick.
    Mushroom effect: Shirt "explodes" off. His attacks can take down any enemy with one hit, even bowser.
    Fireflower Effect: Aura appears around him and allows him to fire a straight fireball by pressing both attack buttons at once.
    *Only one fireball per screen and you must wait for it to leave the screen before firing another.

    Raoh's controls:
    Same? I don't know... Haven't thought of him yet.

    NES Gameplay.
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    Could work, but that gameplay outline is based on the 1.0 versions. The power-up system was changed for 2.0.
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    Even so, he's not a videogame character.

    Ergo, doesn't count!
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    No he is too tall. I would have to duck and hit all the time.
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