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Discussion in 'Characters' started by aliceandsven, Mar 23, 2011.

  1. Mitewing

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    Besides, Kirby (and Adult Link) appears in nothing more but one level at most. He's not playable in an entire game or games, which is what SMBC is: Entire games.
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    Adult Link: There's always SMBX.
  3. Mitewing

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    Regarding Kirby, I think it's cool he can suck up Brick Blocks in NES Remix 2. I also had a brainstorm about more abilities from Kirby's Adventure. Spark can be retrieved from Lakitu and Throw from Red Koopa Troopas. Lakitu is similar to Nimbus as they relate to clouds and the Rolling Turtle gives the Throw ability. There's a red variant of the enemy in the game, plus giving the ability to both red and green Koopas seemed redundant.
  4. Meg

    Meg Level 5: Spiny

    It's been long since anyone posted in this thread, but I wrote a script on how Kirby can work based on Uglyrodent/Ratking's base sheet.

    General :

    - Cannot gain abilities through enemies, but Copy Essence Deluxe (or basically, enemy stands) /Fire Flowers.
    - "Selection cutscene" involves Kirby inhaling a star-block or something. Either that, or flying off with a Warp-Star.

    Unpowered Kirby :

    - Can inhale, spit stars and dash, but cannot fly or slide.
    - Dashes slightly slower when unpowered.
    - Spat stars also slightly slower when unpowered.

    Powered Kirby (super mushroom) :

    - Can now fly and slide, but flight is limited like in Smash Bros.
    - Dashes slightly faster.
    - Spat stars slightly faster.

    EX-Powered Kirby (Modern) :

    - There are seven enemy stands representing seven Copy Abilities.
    Stone, Fire, Fireball/Burning, Cutter, Hammer, Tornado and Needle.

    EX-Powered Kirby (Classic) :

    - One of the listed abilities from before is obtainable with the Fire Flower.

    EDIT: I forgot about this. It's optional, but would make Kirby less overpowered:
    - Inhaling and defeating enemies would take a few seconds and multiple hits, respectively.
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  5. CowboyJoseph64

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    @Meg yeah that's a pretty good plan if they suddenly decide to work on SMBC and added kirby again.
  6. Meg

    Meg Level 5: Spiny

    @CowboyJoseph64 Speaking of which, has any more developement gone into SMBC after 3.1.2? It feels like nothing has changed since after 3.0. Maybe I'm just not looking at it right.

    On another note for Kirby, here's 8-bit sprites for the "Copy Essence Deluxe" stands. They're mostly edited from both Kirby Super Star (the stands themselves and some icons) and Kirby's Adventure (enemies not in Super Star and palletes.)

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  7. CowboyJoseph64

    CowboyJoseph64 Level 6: Lakitu

    nothing was updated after 3.1.2, I don't think. They're pretty much unofficially done, although since they never said anything about being done, there's still an inkling of hope... but don't hold your breath.
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  8. Mitewing

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    I want copy essences, but I want powerups from enemies too like I mentioned prior. Again they should continue adding character skins. There's so much content that's still possible. The game still feels unfinished until they at least add missing versions of existing skins.

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